Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guest Post from Erin E. Adcock (my roomie)

***Special treat for you all tonight...a guest post from Erin that pretty much encompasses a MOOSE UPDATE.  Maybe she'll finally become a "follower."***

May 1 2011
Good evening to all!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Of course the weekend flew by and Monday is almost here.  I would like to share a little part of my weekend.  Meghan left for Chicago Saturday morning returning Sunday late afternoon.  I decided to take the dogs on a walk Sunday afternoon in between the wonderful rain storms.  As usually I put leases on and off we went, little did the dogs know where this journey would take them or how far they would walk.  We started our journey north on Central, of course Moose likes to stop at every tree, flower, rocks, wall, bush, shrub, whatever it maybe to let all dogs know he was there.  Lilli of course wanders alongside of Moose, trying to keep up.  59th and Central comes about and it’s a good thing I brought plastic bags.  Being a good neighbor I picked up the goods and wondered how long it would be till I found a trash can, such a beautiful smell walking with a bag full of goodies.   Finally found one, Marco’s Pizza at College and Westfield.  At this point Lilli has the usual drool going on and Moose is still making his presence known on everything possible.   We are now on the strip in Broad Ripple. 
Today in Broad Ripple, Planet Adventure put on a road bike race.  If you are not familiar with Planet Adventure and enjoy sports, thrive off competition and a thrill seeker, I highly recommend you check out their website,   Opps got a little side tracked! We watched a little racing, said hello to a couple of friends and of course made a few new friends in the Rip.  Of course there is always at least one crazy guy on the strip, as we are walking past a bar one man says, “Can I buy your dog?”  Referring to Moose, I smiled and kept walking, again the man says, “That dog is so cool, how much?”  I smiled and said “he is not for sale.”  The man now yelling says, “I WANT THAT DOG.”   As I walked away I laughed and said “have another.” 
Lilli has a birthday coming up, Cinco De Mayo. She will be 10, yep she is my dog alright!  In honor of Lilli I took the kiddos to Three Dog Bakery to get some treats for the birthday celebration.  The employees at the Three Dogs were very kind and gave both Lilli and Moose a treat.  If any of you know Lilli, she has a “small” obsession with food, treats; basically anything she thinks is edible.  She refused to eat a treat there.  I don’t get it, but Moose reaped the benefits and had two treats! 
Now ready to return home, both dogs now are extremely tired, panting pretty hard, we are off.  Half way home, thank goodness I brought two plastic bags, I pick up Lilli’s goodies and proceed to carry the treats, the goodies and hold both dog leashes.  Normally this would be a little difficult since both dogs like to pull.  This time around I am pulling Lilli and tripping over Moose’s paws due to his slow stride.  A couple times I thought to myself, “should I tie their leashes to a tree, run home get the car and come back and get them?”  We continue to walk, slower and slower.  About 6 houses away from our house Meghan drives by, she stops to say hello.  I have to say thank goodness she drove by; it gave the dogs a little motivation to move a little faster!  Finally we made it home safe and sound, both dogs were pooped! 
As I sit here writing, I can hear Moose snoring in Meghan’s room and I know my dog is in the kitchen staring at the refrigerator obsessing over the treats from Three Dog Bakery.  I must say having dogs always makes for an exciting day.  I would not trade it for the world. 
Good night to all,
Erin E. Adcock