Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pressure's On!

    Today, my first guest writing tip went out in the Green Piece Indy e-newsletter.  At the bottom, Renee shared a link to my blog for people to learn more about me.  Oh the panic!  I haven't posted here since May and I didn't even write that post.  Every week I swear that I will post, and then that week goes by unfulfilled.  
    So, thank so to Renee for the much needed fire under my tookus.  
    I am on vacation with the Barich-side of my family.  Actually, my mom's sister and brother are here, too.  It's a Barich-McMahon mash up in Union Pier, MI.   My parents both grew up in Gary, IN and their families have been intertwined for years.  My dad is one of seven and my mom is one of four.  They all went to Andrean High School, a catholic high school in northwest Indiana.  My throat hurts from laughing so hard at all their memory lane stories last night.  My dad would start a story and then pause in amazement at Eric Clapton wailing from the iPod.  He retired on Thursday after 39 years in claims at Allstate Insurance.  Joy and peace just surround him this week as we chuck it up with the family, 25 of us. 
    As Dad celebrates retirement, I am celebrating new beginnings in my career.  Along with the Green Piece Indy tip, I was published in NORTH Magazine this week with two articles.  My dream since college was to be published in a glossy magazine.  Somewhere along the way, my confidence plummeted and trudged along a sales path.  My sister, Beth, encouraged me to start this blog just to start writing again.  With this venture into the blogosphere, I gained the confidence to call myself a writer.  I used to say, "I am a writer...who doesn't write."  Now, I am writer who gets paid to write...that's all I ever wanted from the first day I stepped into Ernie Pyle Hall at Indiana University.  

Thanks to you, loyal readers and followers, for encouraging me in my dreams!

The big boy is at home with Erin and Lilli while I am on vacation.  I waffled about bringing him here with me.  I had visions of him frolicking on the beach and playing with my little cousins.  Then I tried to picture the moment getting out of the car and trying to figure out what to do with him while we unpacked the car.  If it was going to be that troublesome from the jump, I knew it would be a rough week.  I miss him very much!