Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dating: Text Follies

I was getting ready for a date last night with a man/boy/dude that I have been seeing for a few weeks when I received the following text (I shall refer to him as "Dude"):

  • Dude: Sorry babe I don't want such a silly thing to ruin us.  Have a good night.
  • Me: Huh?
  •        What silly thing, "Dude"?
  • Dude:  Uhhhh psssst. Yeah that was sent to the wrong person. Texting after a nap not a good thing
  • Me:  Guess not.
  • Dude:  Soooo. Dinner?

I know you all want to know if I went to dinner. Yes.  Mostly just to see him squirm in his explanation.  I found this to be absolutely hysterical and it helped me to keep some humor instead of flinging my bacon-wrapped shrimp and cheesy grits at him.  Onward and upward!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blogs about Blogging

      With privilege and honor, I wrote a three-part series blog about...blogging...for Firebelly Marketing.  Readers, fans, followers, do you remember this time last year when I was scanning Christmas gifts at a big box store that made me wear red after long hours at Angie's List?  Do you remember me bemoaning all this and searching for a niche for which to dedicate this blog?
      Well, bemoaning be gone, but niche contemplation remains.  However, blogging about blogging felt right right, or at least for that moment.  I realize most of you could care less about how to develop a blog, so I am not feeling that for Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks. But, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to write this blogging series on blogging for Firebelly Marketing.  Duncan Alney, Firebelly President, was one of the very first people I met when I  decided to take the leap into social media and blogging professionally.  I am honored to be a contributor on his company's blog.  

Interested in seeing the series?

He's a good boy!!!  I will tell you all about this Thunder Vest in an upcoming post.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Space Cadet. I Didn't Get the Memo!

     Did you know that two spaces are not required after a period or other punctuation? I did not get the memo. I learned to type on typewriter a bigillion years ago and took keyboarding in junior high. When did this "no two spaces" policy take effect? I have submitted hundreds of papers, articles, and blogs to professors and editors over the greater part of 20 years. Why am I just learning this?
     One of my editors, Erik Deckers of Professional Blog Service, tweeted a few months ago about knowing the age of his writers by how many spaces they put after a period. I had a feeling he was talking about me in a good way - like I'm old school - thank you very much! Nope. He has been Ctrl+A-ing all of my work to find my excessive spacing.  
     Come to find out that my duplicate spaces are like a slap in the face of technology.  Apparently, Microsoft Word knows how to insert proper spacing between sentences without me bossing it around or something. Duly noted.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Summer in Review

   First of all, I always thought the seasons changed on the 21st of each month.  However, the autumnal equinox arrived at 5:05 a.m. on Friday, September 23.  So now I know.  I treasure the seasons' transition in Indiana -- probably my favorite thing about this state. The mild temperatures and changing landscape draw me outdoors to blare music in the car with the sunroof open, take long walks with the dogs, and lead way to thoughtful reflections.
This past summer brought good times, good work, good friends, good food, and just general goodness.  Here is a pictorial review of my Summer 2011:
I got paid to write stuff about stuff that goes on these machines.  I have a writing partner for one project and it makes writing about obscure things more enjoyable.  My old and dear friend, Celeste, keeps me on track with this fun stuff.  Riveting work we are producing - riveting!
I had the honor of standing up in one of my dearest friend's, Sarah Owen Bigler, wedding.  This was the first wedding where all of the bride's maids were my dearest friends.  Sarah took everything leading up to wedding in stride and was such a generous and gracious bride.  Congratulations!!!
As I mentioned in my last post, I vacationed with the whole Barich family in Union Pier, MI.  Lake Michigan's salt-free waters helped to create many amazing memories for the 20-something of us.  It was one of the best vacations I have ever had.  Pretty lucky to enjoy my family's company for a whole week.

Oh...and I ran into my old Angie's List boss, Craig Boas, and his family on the beach one night at random.  

I enjoyed the fruits of Indiana summers at our Sunday night family dinners at Mom and Dad's. I came to a truth about corn on the cob.  I don't like it.  There, I said it and I do not believe that makes me a bad Hoosier either.
The Indiana State Fair filled one summer day of fun, food, and stinky animals.  My favorite part of the fair is the big mama sow and her little piglets.  Mom and Dad were at the tragic stage collapse at the Sugarland concert and the non-profit that Beth works for set up the charitable fund for the victims and their families. 

And of course I spent several loving moments with Moose and Lilli.  Since Moose got kicked out of daycare and Lilli got word from the vet that she needs to lose 10 lbs., we have been walking...a lot.  They are a pair.  I will never understand how people do not like dogs.  Sure, they drag in all kinds of dirt, tear up stuff (sometimes,) and have less than favorable behaviors from time to time.  
But, the unconditional love they give is gold.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pressure's On!

    Today, my first guest writing tip went out in the Green Piece Indy e-newsletter.  At the bottom, Renee shared a link to my blog for people to learn more about me.  Oh the panic!  I haven't posted here since May and I didn't even write that post.  Every week I swear that I will post, and then that week goes by unfulfilled.  
    So, thank so to Renee for the much needed fire under my tookus.  
    I am on vacation with the Barich-side of my family.  Actually, my mom's sister and brother are here, too.  It's a Barich-McMahon mash up in Union Pier, MI.   My parents both grew up in Gary, IN and their families have been intertwined for years.  My dad is one of seven and my mom is one of four.  They all went to Andrean High School, a catholic high school in northwest Indiana.  My throat hurts from laughing so hard at all their memory lane stories last night.  My dad would start a story and then pause in amazement at Eric Clapton wailing from the iPod.  He retired on Thursday after 39 years in claims at Allstate Insurance.  Joy and peace just surround him this week as we chuck it up with the family, 25 of us. 
    As Dad celebrates retirement, I am celebrating new beginnings in my career.  Along with the Green Piece Indy tip, I was published in NORTH Magazine this week with two articles.  My dream since college was to be published in a glossy magazine.  Somewhere along the way, my confidence plummeted and trudged along a sales path.  My sister, Beth, encouraged me to start this blog just to start writing again.  With this venture into the blogosphere, I gained the confidence to call myself a writer.  I used to say, "I am a writer...who doesn't write."  Now, I am writer who gets paid to write...that's all I ever wanted from the first day I stepped into Ernie Pyle Hall at Indiana University.  

Thanks to you, loyal readers and followers, for encouraging me in my dreams!

The big boy is at home with Erin and Lilli while I am on vacation.  I waffled about bringing him here with me.  I had visions of him frolicking on the beach and playing with my little cousins.  Then I tried to picture the moment getting out of the car and trying to figure out what to do with him while we unpacked the car.  If it was going to be that troublesome from the jump, I knew it would be a rough week.  I miss him very much!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guest Post from Erin E. Adcock (my roomie)

***Special treat for you all tonight...a guest post from Erin that pretty much encompasses a MOOSE UPDATE.  Maybe she'll finally become a "follower."***

May 1 2011
Good evening to all!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Of course the weekend flew by and Monday is almost here.  I would like to share a little part of my weekend.  Meghan left for Chicago Saturday morning returning Sunday late afternoon.  I decided to take the dogs on a walk Sunday afternoon in between the wonderful rain storms.  As usually I put leases on and off we went, little did the dogs know where this journey would take them or how far they would walk.  We started our journey north on Central, of course Moose likes to stop at every tree, flower, rocks, wall, bush, shrub, whatever it maybe to let all dogs know he was there.  Lilli of course wanders alongside of Moose, trying to keep up.  59th and Central comes about and it’s a good thing I brought plastic bags.  Being a good neighbor I picked up the goods and wondered how long it would be till I found a trash can, such a beautiful smell walking with a bag full of goodies.   Finally found one, Marco’s Pizza at College and Westfield.  At this point Lilli has the usual drool going on and Moose is still making his presence known on everything possible.   We are now on the strip in Broad Ripple. 
Today in Broad Ripple, Planet Adventure put on a road bike race.  If you are not familiar with Planet Adventure and enjoy sports, thrive off competition and a thrill seeker, I highly recommend you check out their website,   Opps got a little side tracked! We watched a little racing, said hello to a couple of friends and of course made a few new friends in the Rip.  Of course there is always at least one crazy guy on the strip, as we are walking past a bar one man says, “Can I buy your dog?”  Referring to Moose, I smiled and kept walking, again the man says, “That dog is so cool, how much?”  I smiled and said “he is not for sale.”  The man now yelling says, “I WANT THAT DOG.”   As I walked away I laughed and said “have another.” 
Lilli has a birthday coming up, Cinco De Mayo. She will be 10, yep she is my dog alright!  In honor of Lilli I took the kiddos to Three Dog Bakery to get some treats for the birthday celebration.  The employees at the Three Dogs were very kind and gave both Lilli and Moose a treat.  If any of you know Lilli, she has a “small” obsession with food, treats; basically anything she thinks is edible.  She refused to eat a treat there.  I don’t get it, but Moose reaped the benefits and had two treats! 
Now ready to return home, both dogs now are extremely tired, panting pretty hard, we are off.  Half way home, thank goodness I brought two plastic bags, I pick up Lilli’s goodies and proceed to carry the treats, the goodies and hold both dog leashes.  Normally this would be a little difficult since both dogs like to pull.  This time around I am pulling Lilli and tripping over Moose’s paws due to his slow stride.  A couple times I thought to myself, “should I tie their leashes to a tree, run home get the car and come back and get them?”  We continue to walk, slower and slower.  About 6 houses away from our house Meghan drives by, she stops to say hello.  I have to say thank goodness she drove by; it gave the dogs a little motivation to move a little faster!  Finally we made it home safe and sound, both dogs were pooped! 
As I sit here writing, I can hear Moose snoring in Meghan’s room and I know my dog is in the kitchen staring at the refrigerator obsessing over the treats from Three Dog Bakery.  I must say having dogs always makes for an exciting day.  I would not trade it for the world. 
Good night to all,
Erin E. Adcock

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rock of Ages

     I attended the Indy Social Media Club this week to hear Chris Baggott from Compendium Blogware speak and also to rub elbows...or is it shoulders...hob knob with a potential employer.  Broadway Across America Indianapolis attended and offered free tickets to Opening Night of Rock of Ages at Clowes Memorial Hall in a hopeful exchange for the attendees' digital love on all the social media platforms.  
    My sister and I climbed the stairs to Terrace 2 Right (free tickets!).  The nice usher offered us the Playbill and a theater-safe LED lighter.  We found our seats among the familiar faces from the SMC Indy event.  I imagine there were at least a dozen check-ins on FourSquare, but I wouldn't know for sure since I have been holding out on registering.  I attempted to tweet a picture of my radical new lighter with no luck.  Then the lights came down and the introduction called people who text during the show "douche-bags."  For real! I knew this show was going to bad ass from there.
     The two ladies sitting next to me dressed in their finest 80's garb and brought awesome energy.  We sang along to the best arena-rock jams, pumped our arms in the air, LED lighters in hand and thoroughly rocked out.  I don't think I knew the name to one song or if it was Poison or White Snake, but I knew every word to every song.  Rock of Ages was by far the most fun I have had at the theater.  At intermission, our whole row glowed with cell phones tweeting out the love for the show.  
     If you ever get the chance to see Rock of Ages, go!  

Moose guarding his sod.
     I scored some sod scraps Friday from the landscapers working at my new restaurant gig (I know, I can't keep up with these jobs either.)  My plan was to cover the lovely muddy mess outside the back stoop.  I thought I had a lot more sod than I really did.  It appears as a small area rug the mud.  But Moose loves it! As soon as we got back from our first walk today (yes, there were two!) he found the newly laid sod rug and started rolling around on it.
     He loves the sod. He was one with the sod.  He started to hold small pieces of it between his paws like a blankey.  It was the oddest thing I've seen him do.  I mean, he really loves the sod. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shame. Shame. Know Your Name.

After being called out by three people via email, Twitter, and face-to-face for not writing my blog in weeks, I had to first lick my ego-bruised wounds and muster up some confidence to write again. The good news is that I have been in fact writing as a ghost blogger.  Spooky, huh?  

Chris from Write Now Indy asked me last night at the Indy Social Media Club how I feel about seeing my writing with someone else's byline.  He plans to blog about the topic soon and I am anxious to read his insights. My ego hates it 100%, but I am thrilled to be a "paid writer." My real conundrum is figuring out how to use the ghost blogs for writing samples and my portfolio.  My new buddy, Erik Deckers of ProBlogService, made it pretty simple for me...ask for the client's permission to use it. Duh! 

Well, enough about me...I know you've all been really missing the... 


This is a tough one for me to write.  The Good Dog Hotel & Spa suspended Moose from daycare for being aggressive at the water bowl.  They said he does not instigate the drama but loves to come to the party once invited.  He is a bully breed and he bullies.  Other dogs don't know how to take his "tone" or something. 

In order for Moose to be welcomed back to daycare, we have to have at least three private training sessions.  We had one and he did well, but the classes just aren't in the budget right now.  I know enough to be working with him at home in the meantime. And fortunately, the nice weather allows for more walks.  Moose needs your encouragement.  Tell him to "SIT" and then shower him with love when he sits like a "GOOD BOY!"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Mom and Dad at Zapauldi 2008, Cape Cod
    My new favorite television show is NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?"(this is a half truth, because my actual favorite show is "The Bachelor"...There. I said it.) I have been wanting to sit down with my parents and their siblings to gather as much info on my genealogy as possible. Tonight at Sunday Family Dinner, my sister Beth and I started the quest by asking my dad about his side of his family.  This summer we are having a Barich Family Reunion on Lake Michigan.  We refer to our reunions as "Zapaludi."  Supposedly this means "Let's go wild" or something of the sort in Croatian (my father's paternal ethnicity).  This reunion will be an excellent opportunity to hear the family stories from my dad and his six siblings.  My auntie Tina, my dad's oldest sister, has done an excellent job to preserve much of what has been available.  I want to know all that she knows so that I can pass it to pass to my children (God willing that I actually go on a date, fall in love, and find a man that wants children before I become barren.)
    Beth sprained her ankle while living in Argentina and the doctor she saw told her that our family is Jewish.  Beth said, "No. We are Catholic," and then the doctor said, "No. You may be Catholic now, but your family were Jews who converted to Catholicism to preserve their lives."  Now, that is something I would like to know!  I don't if this quest will lead me that far back in our ancestry, but I most certainly would like to make a start at it.  I am very intrigued and excited to see what we can learn along the way.
Readers/Followers/Fans, do you know who you are? Have you compiled your family history? I'd love to hear your comments below.

MOOSE UPDATE: Some nice ladies at Pet Supplies Plus micro-chipped Moose yesterday.  Four girls loved all over him while I filled out the paperwork.  He didn't make a peep and just kept wagging his tail from all the attention.  It was all said and done before I completed the form. He now he has a radio frequency under his skin so he will always be identified as belonging with ME.  Ahhhh....peace of mind!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Re-purpose This!

    Have you ever heard of Pizza Express...I mean! I mean PIZZA EXPRESS?!  I am loyal to so many things and original names are one of them (for example, my favorite music venue is still Deer Creek not Verizonwhateverless.) Well, I guess there is an actual difference between Pizza Express (Bloomington, IN) and HotBox Pizza (Greater Indianapolis Area) even though I don't like to admit it, mainly just the names and owners. The most important thing is that they serve the exact same heavenly breadsticks and deliver sodas in the same stadium cups.
    At any rate, I fell in love with Pizza Express on the first day at my Indiana University dorm, McNutt, when the Pizza Express Prophylactic Man showed up - breadsticks and prophylactics in hand.  From there, the Freshman Fifteen was close behind.  My new dormmates and I collected the colorful plastic cups to tote to the next keg party.  Now, I still order the breadsticks and sodas, but I don't have the keg parties to re-purpose the cups.  So what to do with the tall plastic stacks building in my cabinets?
    I came home one day to find that my brilliant roommate, Erin, had discovered the perfect re-purpose for our HotBox cup inventory.  We bribe the dogs with peanut butter-filled Kongs when we need a break from them, which is often.  There is no real easy way to clean these tubular food toys of the sticky peanut butter remnants...until the HotBox cup re-purpose. 
1. Soak in hot, soapy water for 1 hour.

2. Run hot water through tubular food toy, alternating the small and larger openings. Amazing! Peanut butter clumps just run out!

3. Dry re-purposed cups and cleaned Kongs.
I know, Erin.  The water stains are despicable!
***Note*** Sweet Mercy! Pizza Express has changed its name to Pizza X...what is the world coming to???

MOOSE UPDATE: The Moose Man went to a half day of camp yesterday and came home completely exhausted, which I love.  He usually still has residual energy after a half day, but not yesterday.  Wiped out!  I didn't figure out why until I was going to bed and dreaming of a vacation.  Moose was on SPRING BREAK!  All of the abandoned Spring Break pups are starting to roll into camp.  Moose was rocking out with all of the vacationing ladies - strolling on the beach, taking shots, and bumping at the dance club. No wonder he was so tired!  You go, boy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's the Point of a Blog?

      At Sunday night family dinner, my dad said "Hey. I got all caught up on your blog."  I cringed a bit because there couldn't have been that much to read since I had not posted all that much.  Then he says, "So what's the point of a blog?  Is it like an online journal?" 
     "Well, Dad, it most certainly can be an online journal for others to read."  That's pretty much what Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks is most of the time, I explained to him.  I started to think of the very first blog I read regularly, about 5 years ago.  It was called TEB's Page and communicated heart-wrenching yet humorous accounts of one young woman's battle with melanoma.  I had never met this woman but became deeply connected to her chronicles.  I cried when the last post came from her husband who was now a widower. To me, that was much for than a journal.
      Good ol' Bossy is a humor blog (You know - the lady that inspired this blog.)  I have tried to incorporate a bit of that here, but I don't think I can claim to be a humorist or can I (I AM HUMORIST...nope, doesn't roll of the tongue)?  I told Dad that I read blogs for entertainment and that sadly, the most news I get is from Bossy's blog.  "Blogs play so many different roles, Daddio." The conversation continued on to the business and marketing side and the opportunities blogs create for a business to have a personality and to engage their audience with regular interactive messages.  
      I started a blog just to write and now blogging is my livelihood.  If I could get as connected so quickly to the blogosphere, I believe there must be a supply and demand connection (I took Economics in Spanish while studying in Madrid; I am pretty sure I absorbed nada from that class.)  Businesses want blogs but don't want to write blogs.  I want to write blogs.  Yay for supply and demand! 
*Note: I wrote this last Sunday and today had family lunch where dad reminded me that I had not posted since 2/24...thanks for keeping me accountable, Pops...and for reading!

This is a horse hitchy thing; not Lilli's head.
Moose, Lilli, and I took advantage of the nicer weather this week and took some neighborhood walks.  I love our historic Meridian-Kessler neighborhood.  Every season brings a new reason to admire the homes and yards.  We never take the same route and my "favorite" house changes everyday.  Oh...the MOOSE UPDATE...well, we walked and discovered an interesting   horse hitching post.  I have seen them in throughout the neighborhood.  I know our house was built in 50's, long after horses were the main mode of transportation, so I am not sure of the significance of these horse hitches in the neighborhood (Bueller? Bueller?).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Chance Encounter

   I walked into the Indianapolis Apple Store this week in search of some motivation.  I have started my own blogging/social media business and desperately want a new laptop and camera to accompany this new venture.  Being financially "in transition," adequate funds didn't follow me in the store.  Getting a price point was necessary for my goal setting and inspiration board.  
   I got much more.  I met Fred.  He gave me a tour of the sleek and shiny objects that I want so badly and provided that data and motivation I sought.  I explained to him that I am a blogger and was building an inspiration board in an effort to seek a focus for a new, more professional blog than my Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks.  That opened up our conversation onto another level.  I learned that Fred is a photographer (with actual film), student, and a volunteer in the homeless community.  Within this 20-minute encounter, Fred suggested a blog focus that I had started to flush out two months ago, affirming my idea.  I quickly connected with a this young man from just a chance encounter.  
   I sauntered out of that store with more motivation than I could have expected - a deep yearning to buy a  MacBook Air (from Fred, of course), and a new connection that rocked my day.  Perhaps you gathered the blog's focus by the title.  Instead of telling you, I will show you...very soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Focus! Focus! Focus!

   This transitional employment has me all a flutter-twitter.  I was talking to my dear friend Tashina today about life. She wants so badly to be someplace warm with her kids.  Winter is wearing on her a bit with a case of cabin fever.  She started to talk in visuals, describing beach activities, mommy dates in th park, long walks, etc.  She perked up and said just talking about it made her feel better.
    I keep meaning to make an inspiration board and after talking to Tashina, I think it has become a must do activity.  Tashina said to me, "Meghan, I don't want you to rush into any ol' job.  You'll only be in this exact place in your life once."  She's exactly right.  I have the rare opportunity to really think about what I want to be when I grow up.  That's not to say I don't have to pay the bills and feed Moose because I most certainly do.  I am interviewing today and tomorrow at some great restaurants in hopes of having enough income to explore blogging and social media as a career, but I need a FOCUS!  I am so grateful to have you followers/readers/fans who are mostly friends and family.  You like to know about ME, but if I am to grow this blog, I need a focus.  I am not on a expert on anything (not even on ME.)  I like to write, I enjoy engaging with humans, and I love Moose.  That's all I know at this very moment.  Perhaps, and inspiration board and your feedback will help me find my focus.
    Hey You GUYS!!!!  Where do you see this blog going? Does Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks have hopes for a focus?

MOOSE UPDATE: At a half day of daycare and Lilli is mad at me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week in Review

  • Monday: I have no recollection of what I did Monday.  Oh, yes! It was Valentine's Day...wrote about that already.
  • Tuesday:  I went to a Social Media Club event.  I put on my big girl panties and walked right into that place all by myself.  I was completely freaked out but persevered.  I knew I was in the right place when I saw that everyone had their Twitter handles on their name tags.  The first person I talked to asked me if I had one.  I sheepishly explained that I did (meghanbIU) but had never used it.  Guess that's a big deal for Social Media (I mean I know it is; I just don't know much about it...yet) and I am reading and trying to learn more about that medium.  It was a very successful event for me in addition to the Twitter push.  I met a man who owns his own professional blogging business who needs writers and I have a scheduled follow up meeting with him for Friday.  Another job lead came my way from two pioneering ladies of Indy Social Media.  Good Stuff! Oh...AND...I met a local blogger who actually knows Bossy...ya know the lady that inspired my to start my blog!
  • Wednesday: What did I do for hump day? I worked. I know I did something else....OH! I spent the afternoon with my friend Tashina and her twin 3-month-old girls.  That was nice.
  • Thursday: SPA DAY!!!! Then shopped with Mom for a little bit.  Had coffee with a friend and then went to the regular Thursday night dinner spot with the same regulars.  I love Thursdays.
  • Friday: Worked.  My career coach invited me to another networking event for this week and told me to bring plenty of business cards.  Guess that means I need to actually get some business cards that say..."Hi. I am Meghan from Meghan Barich."  I shall put my Twitter and LinkedIn information on there.  Come to find out this blog is really professional, so I may need an additional blog that focuses on something.  ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A FOCUS???  Probably should come up with my own website that says I am for hire to do stuff, like write, tweet, post and other stuff.
  • Saturday: Work and P-p-p-p-poker.  I won $20 for second place.  It was only the third time I have played in my whole life and the first time I took home some money.  It was good fun.
  • Sunday: Work and dinner at Ma and Pa's.

MOOSE UPDATE: We went on a couple of walks this week with the nice weather.  I am so glad that all the ice is gone but I hate the mud...everywhere...mud!  Our backyard is lacking some grass which means mud on the kitchen floor, mud on the couch from Moose attempting to escape another crate entry, mud in my bed from late night business. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello, My Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day, Readers/Followers/Fans! 

    Remember when I counted the personal interactions I had at Tarjzay one day.  Well, that's nothing compared to how many people I chatted with over the weekend at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  Heaven's to Betsy, Valentines weekend is no joke!  I believe I may have interacted with over 700 lovers in the last two days.  I read an article today that 70 Million people dine out for Valentines Day.  I can't even tell you how many people are still trying to get last minute reservations that are baffled that all we have left is 3:30 or 9:30 reservations.  Hello, people!  Valentines Day is the second busiest dining day after Mother's Day.  I asked many of our 7:30 PM diners how long in advance they had made their reservations.  Most of them had planned at least 2 weeks in advance. 
   So, if you'd like to eat out with the love of your life tonight, I suggest that you eat a snack around 5:00 and plan on eating dinner out after 9:00...that is if you haven't made your reservation already

Moose has been ornery the last several days.  Due to the "transitional employment" he has not been to camp and because of the icy terrain, we haven't been walking.  The guy has some serious cabin/crate fever.  I earned a little extra cash from the coat check, so Moose (the love of my life) is going to half-day camp today.  Lilli, Moose's Valentine, will be very pleased to have his relentless energy minimized.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time Management

Alrighty, Readers/Fans/Followers!  
     Here's the scoop.  I quit my job at Angie's List last week.  This was an attempt to keep a little pride and take action in my own life at the suggestion of my spiritual advisor and career coach.  You might think that may mean that I would have time to post more blogs, but oh contraire mon frere.  I also gave up the gig at Tarjzay.  Seriously...more time, right?  Nope!  I am now a hostess at one of the best known steakhouses in the WORLD that brings you your steak sizzling in butter.  I am in line to train to serve there and make more money than I did at Angie's List. It's a bit frustrating to jump through all these training hoops since I served there 10 years ago after college.  But jump I will.  Anyways, I am working nights, working with a career coach, networking, helping a friend with her 3-month-old twin girls, job searching, and I am busier than I was when I was juggling two jobs.  Mercy me! 
     I guess it's like I cleared way for all things next to come.  I just had no idea that so much was on its way.  All good things, fortunately.  I am hopeful and optimistic that this "transition" is bridging me from my misery in a telephone sales job to the career in communications/writing that I have always wanted!


He has always happily gone into this crate without much coercion...until this week.  He runs away and cowers.  I have to plan a trap to grab his collar and guide him to the crate.  He gives me this miserable look.  I even bought special liver treats, and still I am met by his defiance.  Hmmm...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter's Assault

   I took a leap of faith this week and left my day job at Angie's List to work full time in a restaurant and figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I guess I have kind of boycotted the computer that last few days while I took a deep breath.  One of my girlfriends called on Tuesday to see if I had snow/ice day from it whatever you want but I do not need to be in any office today. The whole "Winter Assault" that kept most of Indianapolis home the last few days made my transition a little easier. I wasn't the only one not commuting to a "day job."
    Speaking of "Winter's Assault" (I got the name from this guy to the right), Lilli has been a champ with the storm.  Moose, not so much.  He was too scared to go outside while sleet came down.    The two of them were definitely perplexed by the icy hard earth, watching each step.  Moose has been pretty sick the last two days, so I walked to The Fresh Market yesterday to get him canned pumpkin.  That was the most treacherous 2-block walk of my life...all for the love of a dog.  My dear friend Jessica works there and she drove me home.  I am happy to report that Moose is feeling better, but we are still left with the remnants of "Winter's Assault."

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is this???

    One day this shiny vessel just appeared in the entryway at work.  My first inclination was that it was a massive coffee urn.  Then I pictured my Janis Joplin mug underneath it getting blasted to smithereens by the tight valves.
      All sorts of weird things pop up at Angie's List.  Remember the diner that  currently just sits and takes up parking spaces while it waits for permits?  The day East Market Street opened backed up after a long construction period, our CEO called for a parade with his classic cars, beer, and a 10:00 AM on a Thursday.  My manager is just as perplexed by this stainless steel surprises and guesses that maybe it is used to home brew beer.  I'd buy that, but for real...what is this thing???

***MOOSE UPDATE*** He and Lilli enjoyed braided, vanilla chewies from Three Dog Bakery last night and now his stomach is all jacked up again.  90-beefy-lbs of sensitive is what Moose is.  Erin found a blanket/wrap for anxious dogs and suggested Moose wear one.  I told her that Lilli is fat.

Monday, January 24, 2011


    I adore A White Christmas mostly because of the scene with Betty and Judy singing Sisters.  "Sisters.  Sisters.  There were never such devoted sisters." You'll have to pardon me for being a bit sappy, but I am feeling sappy, so sappy it is.
Aunt Nancy and Mom (Karen)
   My sister and I fought horribly growing up.  We had rules like "No kicking in the back.  The back is off limits."  My mother promised that someday we'd be best friends.  She said that she and my Aunt Nancy did and said nasty things to each other when they were younger but one day they just became friends.  Now they call each other pretty much everyday, multiple times a day.  I know whatever I tell my mother usually falls on Aunt Nancy's ears.  Recently, I was getting ready to drop a bomb on my mom and ran it by Aunt Nancy first because I knew she'd be able to guide me for minimal impact.  They know each other inside and out; they don't agree on everything and are actually very different in many ways.  They just compliment each other so well.  I have always admired their relationship.

Me and Boo
     Today, I treasure my sister and never want her to hurt...and promise never to kick her in her back or scratch the crap out of her arms or say anything with venom.  Today, I promise to love my sister, my strong, ridiculously brilliant sister, Beth, Bether, Boo, who will never not be my big sister.  I think I have pretty much taken for granted that she'll be there - no matter what.  Lord knows I have tested her...and she is still always there.  We've become a little more balanced in our relationship - sometimes I get to give guidance and advice, but the best days are when we just ride out life along side one another.  Thank you, sister, for being my rock!!!

***MOOSE UPDATE*** GOOD BOY.  I was gone all weekend so Erin had to suffer through his stanky gas as he got over his stomach issues.  Erin says I made it worse by giving him scrambled eggs.  Moose is well now.  Just a note, when someone says please don't feed my dog table scraps, PLEASE DON'T FEED THEM TABLE SCRAPS!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recent Gastro Delights

Baked Fish over Pasta and Red Sauce

Followed by heaven's answer to my barely satiable urges for my recently ordered boxes of Do-Si-Dos and Tagalongs that just can't get here fast enough.

Sorry for the lamest post ever, but I am exhausted beyond exhausted.  MOOSE got up four times last night with an upset stomach.  Poor fella.  Tired mama!  He enjoyed a nice rice, scrambled egg, and cottage cheese dinner.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Art of Balancing Kitchen Glass

Google Maps, Thanks!
This is another title I have been carrying around for years - 11 years to be exact.  I mastered the art of balancing kitchen glass while living in San Diego with my dear friend, Jenn.  Jenn and I grew up together - junior high, high school, and were roommates senior year at Indiana University.  We planned to conquer San Diego together, too.  Our landlords said they were hesitant about renting to us because in their years of experience things didn't usually work out well for Midwestern transplants straight out of college claiming to have an unshakable friendship (come to think of it, my landlord in Seattle said something similar about my boyfriend at the time and I moving in together.  Is there landlord school to say this crap - that all became foreshadowing?!). 
     Jenn and I convinced them that we were rock solid.  Well, after a few months of cramming all the gin and vodka we could in our freezer and in our sun-baked bodies, things got a little rough around our little beach apartment.  There would be a stalemate visible in our kitchen sink (similar to the photo below which is actually just a result of me cleaning out my car last week.)  The coffee pot would wobble on the top, but I refused to bring it to safety because I had done it the last time!  One of us would finally cave in a put all the cocktail glasses and the two plates and bowls we owned back into the cabinet.  It was all so very fragile in that little apartment.  
Finally cleaned out my car...was out of coffee cups.
     "How could two girls be so angry living that close to the beach in the sunniest, most beautiful part of this country with the world as their oyster," you ask? Well, I can only speak for myself - I was naive about being out on my for the first time (2,500 miles from home) and fearful of failure yet felt invincible half the time.  I was drunk as a skunk a majority of the nights and weekends and felt I had better intuition than everyone around me and was sure to tell you that, too.  It took a couple of years for Jenn and I to bounce back from that shattered scene.  
    By God's good grace, Jenn and I just spent the day on this past Christmas Eve doing last minute shopping when she visited from Maine.  The fact that our friendship eventually endured the madness has made it a special gift that I won't ever put in such risky formations as those that used to appear in our kitchen sink.

***MOOSE UPDATE*** Snoring and running in his sleep.  I sure wish I knew what he was dreaming about when his paws go all wild.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bride Sarah

   This is Sarah and Carrie, two of my dearest friends who happen to be cousins and who both happened to get engaged within a couple months of each other.  Both are getting married this year.  Sarah is going to have an Indianapolis wedding and Carrie is off to a warm destination wedding.  Much planning to do!  I have the honor of standing up in Sarah's wedding as a bridesmaid this summer and jumped at the chance to join these ladies and Sarah's mom (Carrie's Aunt Susan) to a recent bridal show. 
Let's just say none of us really had any clue how overwhelming this event would be.  Holy wedding cake sugar attack!  Sarah's eyes glassed over as she meandered from booth to booth.  I trailed behind a with a positive attitude filling out contest entry cards for Sarah (oh, and laser hair removal for me.)  Aunt/Mom Susie, Carrie, and I kept an upbeat attitude and listed the achievements of our day - we gathered a crap load of information, we now know we got to get cracking on the July wedding date, and we discovered some wonderful photographers who had pricing ready. All that sugar called for a real meal, so we headed to Creation Cafe on the canal.  
Here Sarah let us know just how overwhelmed she was.Not to worry, dear Sarah.  Your brides maids and mother are here to bring on the cheer!  We ended the day on a very good note by visiting the wedding location and taking in the vision Sarah has for her big day.  No matter what, Sarah will be stunning and people will gather to celebrate the love she so deserves and has finally found.  I am truly honored to be a part of it all.  

*I am assuming that I am invited to Carrie's destination wedding and will then tell you all about that once I know all about that.

Nothing new or interesting but I LOVE HIM.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Client Calls

I have nothing to share with you folks tonight because my client needs me to rewrite some web content.  You like that?  See how natural that sounded? Well, my client is actually one of my best friends from college that is a designer that just needs a little help for an upcoming trade show where she will be featuring her fantastic line, Earthen.  I wrote a little blurb for her and can you believe she had the audacity to ask me to rework it?! I mean, she really is like a client.  For real though, she is super talented and I am honored that she thought of me to help. Check her out! (I did not write anything that is currently on her website)

Moose and His Ladies

***WARNING*** Adult Content...kind of...not really...but maybe sort of.
Moose gets around with the ladies.  I already told you he's been cheating by sleeping in Erin's bed.  Here's proof:
He's always more than willing to butter up our guests as you can see with Carrie and Carrie.  I didn't realize till just now that he has a thing for Carries...hmmm.
And of course, he gets lots of sugar from Aunt Beth.

But Lilli is his special lady and he really knows how to light up her eyes.

Now, there is more to this photo but my mother said I may not get hired at some job someday if I posted the rest.  Let's just say that Moose is in photo, too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soyummygooeygood Cheeseburger

   My dear friend, Joel, took me to lunch at Workingman's Friend (WF)
today.  This Indianapolis institution is a very special place - tucked away of the main streets, old, seedy, and the provider of the best cheeseburger I have ever had.  The photos may help you to better understand if you have never checked out this treasure spot.  
 It is located on the corner of shady and whathehell and is adorned with a few bullet holes.  Workingman's Friend let's you know right up to adjust your expectations if you have any walking in the door.
     WF is typically packed at lunch time, so we decided to go late.  It was in fact not packed, perhaps also due to the snow that fell all day on Naptown.  Good news was that we found a seat right away and were greeted by our kind server, Amy, in a timely fashion.  The only decision I needed to make was Double with or without the middle bun.  Amy suggested without the bun with a side of beer battered onion rings...and so it was.
 Yep. It tasted as good as it looks.  Move over Steak-n-Shake...move over! When I wasn't busy shoveling in this delight or wiping my face and hands with a napkin, there was time to enjoy a little Rod Stewart from the Jukebox, take in our surroundings, and admire the vintage fresh-air machine. Catching up with Joel was also of course a very nice part of this lunch.  He then told me that he is "addicted" to my blog.  Joel quickly topped the double cheeseburger that he so kindly bought for me.  
Pretty awesome lunch for Tuesday, 1.11.11.

Super sleepy GOOD BOY!  He went to daycare today and walked straight in the door and plopped on the couch.  He got up just to eat his dinner and do his business outside.  He is running in his sleep next to me right now.  Erin has shut her door to minimize distractions due to her new, super-early mornings and so my boy is back in bed with me.