Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Chance Encounter

   I walked into the Indianapolis Apple Store this week in search of some motivation.  I have started my own blogging/social media business and desperately want a new laptop and camera to accompany this new venture.  Being financially "in transition," adequate funds didn't follow me in the store.  Getting a price point was necessary for my goal setting and inspiration board.  
   I got much more.  I met Fred.  He gave me a tour of the sleek and shiny objects that I want so badly and provided that data and motivation I sought.  I explained to him that I am a blogger and was building an inspiration board in an effort to seek a focus for a new, more professional blog than my Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks.  That opened up our conversation onto another level.  I learned that Fred is a photographer (with actual film), student, and a volunteer in the homeless community.  Within this 20-minute encounter, Fred suggested a blog focus that I had started to flush out two months ago, affirming my idea.  I quickly connected with a this young man from just a chance encounter.  
   I sauntered out of that store with more motivation than I could have expected - a deep yearning to buy a  MacBook Air (from Fred, of course), and a new connection that rocked my day.  Perhaps you gathered the blog's focus by the title.  Instead of telling you, I will show you...very soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Focus! Focus! Focus!

   This transitional employment has me all a flutter-twitter.  I was talking to my dear friend Tashina today about life. She wants so badly to be someplace warm with her kids.  Winter is wearing on her a bit with a case of cabin fever.  She started to talk in visuals, describing beach activities, mommy dates in th park, long walks, etc.  She perked up and said just talking about it made her feel better.
    I keep meaning to make an inspiration board and after talking to Tashina, I think it has become a must do activity.  Tashina said to me, "Meghan, I don't want you to rush into any ol' job.  You'll only be in this exact place in your life once."  She's exactly right.  I have the rare opportunity to really think about what I want to be when I grow up.  That's not to say I don't have to pay the bills and feed Moose because I most certainly do.  I am interviewing today and tomorrow at some great restaurants in hopes of having enough income to explore blogging and social media as a career, but I need a FOCUS!  I am so grateful to have you followers/readers/fans who are mostly friends and family.  You like to know about ME, but if I am to grow this blog, I need a focus.  I am not on a expert on anything (not even on ME.)  I like to write, I enjoy engaging with humans, and I love Moose.  That's all I know at this very moment.  Perhaps, and inspiration board and your feedback will help me find my focus.
    Hey You GUYS!!!!  Where do you see this blog going? Does Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks have hopes for a focus?

MOOSE UPDATE: At a half day of daycare and Lilli is mad at me.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week in Review

  • Monday: I have no recollection of what I did Monday.  Oh, yes! It was Valentine's Day...wrote about that already.
  • Tuesday:  I went to a Social Media Club event.  I put on my big girl panties and walked right into that place all by myself.  I was completely freaked out but persevered.  I knew I was in the right place when I saw that everyone had their Twitter handles on their name tags.  The first person I talked to asked me if I had one.  I sheepishly explained that I did (meghanbIU) but had never used it.  Guess that's a big deal for Social Media (I mean I know it is; I just don't know much about it...yet) and I am reading and trying to learn more about that medium.  It was a very successful event for me in addition to the Twitter push.  I met a man who owns his own professional blogging business who needs writers and I have a scheduled follow up meeting with him for Friday.  Another job lead came my way from two pioneering ladies of Indy Social Media.  Good Stuff! Oh...AND...I met a local blogger who actually knows Bossy...ya know the lady that inspired my to start my blog!
  • Wednesday: What did I do for hump day? I worked. I know I did something else....OH! I spent the afternoon with my friend Tashina and her twin 3-month-old girls.  That was nice.
  • Thursday: SPA DAY!!!! Then shopped with Mom for a little bit.  Had coffee with a friend and then went to the regular Thursday night dinner spot with the same regulars.  I love Thursdays.
  • Friday: Worked.  My career coach invited me to another networking event for this week and told me to bring plenty of business cards.  Guess that means I need to actually get some business cards that say..."Hi. I am Meghan from Meghan Barich."  I shall put my Twitter and LinkedIn information on there.  Come to find out this blog is really professional, so I may need an additional blog that focuses on something.  ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A FOCUS???  Probably should come up with my own website that says I am for hire to do stuff, like write, tweet, post and other stuff.
  • Saturday: Work and P-p-p-p-poker.  I won $20 for second place.  It was only the third time I have played in my whole life and the first time I took home some money.  It was good fun.
  • Sunday: Work and dinner at Ma and Pa's.

MOOSE UPDATE: We went on a couple of walks this week with the nice weather.  I am so glad that all the ice is gone but I hate the mud...everywhere...mud!  Our backyard is lacking some grass which means mud on the kitchen floor, mud on the couch from Moose attempting to escape another crate entry, mud in my bed from late night business. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello, My Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day, Readers/Followers/Fans! 

    Remember when I counted the personal interactions I had at Tarjzay one day.  Well, that's nothing compared to how many people I chatted with over the weekend at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  Heaven's to Betsy, Valentines weekend is no joke!  I believe I may have interacted with over 700 lovers in the last two days.  I read an article today that 70 Million people dine out for Valentines Day.  I can't even tell you how many people are still trying to get last minute reservations that are baffled that all we have left is 3:30 or 9:30 reservations.  Hello, people!  Valentines Day is the second busiest dining day after Mother's Day.  I asked many of our 7:30 PM diners how long in advance they had made their reservations.  Most of them had planned at least 2 weeks in advance. 
   So, if you'd like to eat out with the love of your life tonight, I suggest that you eat a snack around 5:00 and plan on eating dinner out after 9:00...that is if you haven't made your reservation already

Moose has been ornery the last several days.  Due to the "transitional employment" he has not been to camp and because of the icy terrain, we haven't been walking.  The guy has some serious cabin/crate fever.  I earned a little extra cash from the coat check, so Moose (the love of my life) is going to half-day camp today.  Lilli, Moose's Valentine, will be very pleased to have his relentless energy minimized.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time Management

Alrighty, Readers/Fans/Followers!  
     Here's the scoop.  I quit my job at Angie's List last week.  This was an attempt to keep a little pride and take action in my own life at the suggestion of my spiritual advisor and career coach.  You might think that may mean that I would have time to post more blogs, but oh contraire mon frere.  I also gave up the gig at Tarjzay.  Seriously...more time, right?  Nope!  I am now a hostess at one of the best known steakhouses in the WORLD that brings you your steak sizzling in butter.  I am in line to train to serve there and make more money than I did at Angie's List. It's a bit frustrating to jump through all these training hoops since I served there 10 years ago after college.  But jump I will.  Anyways, I am working nights, working with a career coach, networking, helping a friend with her 3-month-old twin girls, job searching, and I am busier than I was when I was juggling two jobs.  Mercy me! 
     I guess it's like I cleared way for all things next to come.  I just had no idea that so much was on its way.  All good things, fortunately.  I am hopeful and optimistic that this "transition" is bridging me from my misery in a telephone sales job to the career in communications/writing that I have always wanted!


He has always happily gone into this crate without much coercion...until this week.  He runs away and cowers.  I have to plan a trap to grab his collar and guide him to the crate.  He gives me this miserable look.  I even bought special liver treats, and still I am met by his defiance.  Hmmm...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter's Assault

   I took a leap of faith this week and left my day job at Angie's List to work full time in a restaurant and figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I guess I have kind of boycotted the computer that last few days while I took a deep breath.  One of my girlfriends called on Tuesday to see if I had snow/ice day from it whatever you want but I do not need to be in any office today. The whole "Winter Assault" that kept most of Indianapolis home the last few days made my transition a little easier. I wasn't the only one not commuting to a "day job."
    Speaking of "Winter's Assault" (I got the name from this guy to the right), Lilli has been a champ with the storm.  Moose, not so much.  He was too scared to go outside while sleet came down.    The two of them were definitely perplexed by the icy hard earth, watching each step.  Moose has been pretty sick the last two days, so I walked to The Fresh Market yesterday to get him canned pumpkin.  That was the most treacherous 2-block walk of my life...all for the love of a dog.  My dear friend Jessica works there and she drove me home.  I am happy to report that Moose is feeling better, but we are still left with the remnants of "Winter's Assault."