Thursday, March 10, 2011

Re-purpose This!

    Have you ever heard of Pizza Express...I mean! I mean PIZZA EXPRESS?!  I am loyal to so many things and original names are one of them (for example, my favorite music venue is still Deer Creek not Verizonwhateverless.) Well, I guess there is an actual difference between Pizza Express (Bloomington, IN) and HotBox Pizza (Greater Indianapolis Area) even though I don't like to admit it, mainly just the names and owners. The most important thing is that they serve the exact same heavenly breadsticks and deliver sodas in the same stadium cups.
    At any rate, I fell in love with Pizza Express on the first day at my Indiana University dorm, McNutt, when the Pizza Express Prophylactic Man showed up - breadsticks and prophylactics in hand.  From there, the Freshman Fifteen was close behind.  My new dormmates and I collected the colorful plastic cups to tote to the next keg party.  Now, I still order the breadsticks and sodas, but I don't have the keg parties to re-purpose the cups.  So what to do with the tall plastic stacks building in my cabinets?
    I came home one day to find that my brilliant roommate, Erin, had discovered the perfect re-purpose for our HotBox cup inventory.  We bribe the dogs with peanut butter-filled Kongs when we need a break from them, which is often.  There is no real easy way to clean these tubular food toys of the sticky peanut butter remnants...until the HotBox cup re-purpose. 
1. Soak in hot, soapy water for 1 hour.

2. Run hot water through tubular food toy, alternating the small and larger openings. Amazing! Peanut butter clumps just run out!

3. Dry re-purposed cups and cleaned Kongs.
I know, Erin.  The water stains are despicable!
***Note*** Sweet Mercy! Pizza Express has changed its name to Pizza X...what is the world coming to???

MOOSE UPDATE: The Moose Man went to a half day of camp yesterday and came home completely exhausted, which I love.  He usually still has residual energy after a half day, but not yesterday.  Wiped out!  I didn't figure out why until I was going to bed and dreaming of a vacation.  Moose was on SPRING BREAK!  All of the abandoned Spring Break pups are starting to roll into camp.  Moose was rocking out with all of the vacationing ladies - strolling on the beach, taking shots, and bumping at the dance club. No wonder he was so tired!  You go, boy!

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