Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rock of Ages

     I attended the Indy Social Media Club this week to hear Chris Baggott from Compendium Blogware speak and also to rub elbows...or is it shoulders...hob knob with a potential employer.  Broadway Across America Indianapolis attended and offered free tickets to Opening Night of Rock of Ages at Clowes Memorial Hall in a hopeful exchange for the attendees' digital love on all the social media platforms.  
    My sister and I climbed the stairs to Terrace 2 Right (free tickets!).  The nice usher offered us the Playbill and a theater-safe LED lighter.  We found our seats among the familiar faces from the SMC Indy event.  I imagine there were at least a dozen check-ins on FourSquare, but I wouldn't know for sure since I have been holding out on registering.  I attempted to tweet a picture of my radical new lighter with no luck.  Then the lights came down and the introduction called people who text during the show "douche-bags."  For real! I knew this show was going to bad ass from there.
     The two ladies sitting next to me dressed in their finest 80's garb and brought awesome energy.  We sang along to the best arena-rock jams, pumped our arms in the air, LED lighters in hand and thoroughly rocked out.  I don't think I knew the name to one song or if it was Poison or White Snake, but I knew every word to every song.  Rock of Ages was by far the most fun I have had at the theater.  At intermission, our whole row glowed with cell phones tweeting out the love for the show.  
     If you ever get the chance to see Rock of Ages, go!  

Moose guarding his sod.
     I scored some sod scraps Friday from the landscapers working at my new restaurant gig (I know, I can't keep up with these jobs either.)  My plan was to cover the lovely muddy mess outside the back stoop.  I thought I had a lot more sod than I really did.  It appears as a small area rug the mud.  But Moose loves it! As soon as we got back from our first walk today (yes, there were two!) he found the newly laid sod rug and started rolling around on it.
     He loves the sod. He was one with the sod.  He started to hold small pieces of it between his paws like a blankey.  It was the oddest thing I've seen him do.  I mean, he really loves the sod. 

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