Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shame. Shame. Know Your Name.

After being called out by three people via email, Twitter, and face-to-face for not writing my blog in weeks, I had to first lick my ego-bruised wounds and muster up some confidence to write again. The good news is that I have been in fact writing as a ghost blogger.  Spooky, huh?  

Chris from Write Now Indy asked me last night at the Indy Social Media Club how I feel about seeing my writing with someone else's byline.  He plans to blog about the topic soon and I am anxious to read his insights. My ego hates it 100%, but I am thrilled to be a "paid writer." My real conundrum is figuring out how to use the ghost blogs for writing samples and my portfolio.  My new buddy, Erik Deckers of ProBlogService, made it pretty simple for me...ask for the client's permission to use it. Duh! 

Well, enough about me...I know you've all been really missing the... 


This is a tough one for me to write.  The Good Dog Hotel & Spa suspended Moose from daycare for being aggressive at the water bowl.  They said he does not instigate the drama but loves to come to the party once invited.  He is a bully breed and he bullies.  Other dogs don't know how to take his "tone" or something. 

In order for Moose to be welcomed back to daycare, we have to have at least three private training sessions.  We had one and he did well, but the classes just aren't in the budget right now.  I know enough to be working with him at home in the meantime. And fortunately, the nice weather allows for more walks.  Moose needs your encouragement.  Tell him to "SIT" and then shower him with love when he sits like a "GOOD BOY!"


  1. Glad I could inspire a new post. Don't know if you had a chance to read my thoughts on ghostwriting, but here they are.

  2. Jaysus MEghan? - suspended from the Good Dog Hotel and Spa? Was he at all upset by this? Why does this pixx me off? Update? I'm gonna lose sleep and this happened three weeks ago.