Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Concert Ever?

I love asking this question. Whether it be in the course of trying to get to know someone or as an ice breaker in a large group, this question get conversations started. And, people love to answer the question and tell their first concert story. It's just a good question. Dad LOVES to answer this question before anyone even asks it. "The BEATLES. Chicago 1965."
My First Concert Ever 
(Technically, I think I saw The Four Tops at a free concert in Indy over Labor Day or something. NKOTB was the first concert I begged to attend.) I remember standing on the seats of the Pepsi Grandstand at the Indiana State Fair trying to get a better view of Danny and each of my other friends screaming for another New Kid. No one seemed to have a crush on Danny. Maybe that's why I did...less competition.

During my New Year's burning ritual, I discovered a whole bunch of concert ticket stubs. Each one represented a special moment in time and brought me right back to the show. Music rocks my soul and a live show feeds it even more.
A Few More Impressionable Shows
Took a while to convince Mom that this was a good idea. Changed my life!!!
An amazing night for so many reasons.  
Vince Welnick, former Grateful Dead keyboardist, kissed me on the cheek!


  1. This is embarrasing - I saw Bon Jovi at Market Square Arena. I was in the 7th grade, and my friend's parents took about 6 of us girls. We all dressed in our denim skirts and different color plain tees. It was Jon Bon Jovi's birthday and he zipp-lined across the floor seats to a small stage right in front of us to sing himself "Happy Birthday."

  2. Foghat in Saginaw, MI. The lead singer for the warm-up band(can't remember name)was too stoned and fell off stage. Slow riiiiiddde....

  3. Kelly, I don't think that's embarrassing at all. Jon Bon Jovi is HOT. Deb, um, who the heck is Foghat?!

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  5. The Beach Boys in the mid 80s was my first. My mom and dad dragged me to some state fair or something. Others classics--Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour, MC Hammer w/ Vanilla Ice opening (Deer Creek), Bell Biv DeVoe/Johnny Gill tour.

  6. My first concert was with my Dad ..Huey Lewis and the news at the Tennis Center @ IUPUI.

  7. First ever? Chuck Mangione, Emens Auditorium at Ball State University. I was 11.