Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year: Letting Go and Looking Forward

      I have no specific resolutions for 2012 that are strikingly different than most intentions that I have for each and every day already.  I seek to grow spiritually and be the best woman that I can be.  I want to be healthier - physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially...always.  So, I guess my biggest resolve for this New Year is to be intentional in every moment and in every decision while always honoring my authentic, true self.
     Today, I did a ritual burning of stuff.  Stuff like little notes I put in my "God Box." I put thoughts or trouble on paper and put them in this box in an attempt to hand them over to the Universe's grand plan and let go of outcomes I try over-manage -- very unsuccessfully.  I performed this burning ritual last year as well.  This year I burned more stuff.  Old stuff.  Really old stuff that I keep holding onto in my mind and in my heart.  Stuff that really expired many moons ago like love letters from my high school and college boyfriend (Okay, those of you who really know me know that this pretty major. Oh, and don't you miss love letters instead of love texts and emails?! BRING BACK LOVE LETTERS!) I was going to burn other stuff like photos, but my friend Devon asked me if that would omit toxins into the world, and I didn't know the answer to that.  So, I still have a few sentimental photos.
     Honestly, after going through it all, I didn't want to burn it all.  There is definitely something cathartic about burning and symbolically letting go of stuff that keeps my thoughts and heart in the past.  But, I also really enjoyed the little trip down memory lane and had peace in my heart about these little artifacts of my past.  Without burning it all, I realized that mostly I have let go of yesterday, yesteryear, yesterboyfriend.
     I remember enjoying looking through my parents' little history exhibits of past boyfriends and girlfriends, friends at Miller Beach in Gary, and sitting on cool cars.  I want to keep a few of those little artifacts to share with my children if the good Lord ever decides to bless me with a loving, handsome, generous, kind, and funny husband with whom to create a family...still working on letting go and turning that one over to the Universe.

Erin has been house/puppy sitting for the last couple of weeks and Lilli is with her.  Moose is a little out of sorts without his lady.  I took him on two walks today to try to distract him from the pain.


  1. I love you! It is ALL part of it, and I love learning from and with you. tear

  2. you are amazing meghs! these are very big steps and i'm very proud of and inspired by you! lots of love sister... xo jwb

  3. 2011 was a pretty amazing year for me for many reasons...and one of which was meeting you, Devon!!!

  4. JWB, you were one of those "who really knows me" people I mentioned. Love you, girl!!!

  5. Meghan

    Wonderful. The red heart around Moose is almost as good as your writing. One of my favorite song lines -

    Looking forward
    All that I can see
    Is good things happening
    To you and to me.