Monday, February 6, 2012

My Super Bowl XLVI Sidenotes

Indianapolis suffers today from a major Super Bowl hangover. How do you go back to ho-hum after such hubabaloo? Easily. I know I am not alone in my exhaustion from all the Super Bowl shenanigans. Heck, I went to lunch today at Cafe Patachou at 49th and Penn, and it was packed. Is anyone working today?

I have a few friends who tried to avoid anything Super Bowl related this past week, but the good majority of the people in my life made every attempt to take in all the glory of the Circle City on center included. Monday night I went on my first blind double date on Massachusetts Ave. Not much more to say about that folks, so don't ask. After dinner we decided to go downtown and get a lay of the land. Mind you, I was wearing a dress and high heels, and I said, "Sure. Let's do it!" Indy's weather was off the charts amazing this past week, but the evening still brought a nip to the air. 

I have 3 witnesses - That's Tom Brady!
After clod-hopping around the streets with my frozen, exposed legs, we headed back to the car. We walked north on Illinois St. past a massive crowd outside of St. Elmo Steak House. Come to find out the onlookers were awaiting a glimpse of the Patriots team dining inside of the legendary eatery. Within a few short moments, the team emerged and hooting and hollering from the crowd ensued. I got pretty amped up the second I saw Tom Brady. Before I could really figure out what was all happening, Tom Brady broke off from the team and headed directly at me. I fumbled my BlackBerry in his face trying to get a picture and then he bumped into me with the crowd pushing. I could not muster calm, cool composure and became a total groupie. The man is beautiful! You can get an idea of the crowd and my nervous energy by the photo I snagged. I dreamed about him all night long...for real.

Bills? No Clue.
Thanks, Brooke - photo director
Wednesday, I headed to the NFL Experience with my dear friend Lori and her daughter, Brooke. They are a trip! They had to take a picture in front of anything and everything along the way. We bumped into Mom and Pops and their crew. Mom and Dad had been in Florida the week prior and flew home Tuesday night late. Those crazy kids went straight from the airport to Super Bowl Village at 11:00 p.m. and were back at it the next day. I love it! Wednesday was basically a photographic tour of Indy all dressed up Super Bowl style - pretty amazing!

Thursday night was time to get into the Broad Ripple Super Bowl mix with the George Clinton and P-Funk show. I went with a group of buddies and we weaseled our way as close to the front as we could. But, we met resistance from the VIP security dude. It was so crowded that there was no way to get my groove on without bumping body parts with strangers. Then, I spotted a friend walking into VIP who generously scored me a ticket and stubbed me into some dance room. And, dance I did! I had an absolute blast that night - ran into so many happy people just dancing and playing. 

I stayed out way too late Thursday night and hit the ground running Friday. Mom, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Kay, and my cousin and her boyfriend went to the airport to see a friend dance in a flash mob. It was very cool, but I think the most exciting part of a flash mob is not seeing it coming. 

My dear old friend, Lindsi, invited me to the ESPN party Friday night. I got all gussied up and headed downtown early with my sister, Beth, and some friends to try to see Fitz and the Tantrums before I hit the party. Heavens to Betsy, the entire world descended on Indianapolis Friday night. We couldn't even make our way to the Super Bowl Village through the 250,000 visitors. In the distance, I did hear my favorite Fitz song "Winds of Change." Our crew ended up eating in the mall food court and heading back to the car. We just drove around and clowned until they dropped me off at a warehouse west of downtown for the ESPN party. 

There, I met up with some of my dearest friends since junior high. I thought it would be wall-to-wall celebs. Maybe it was but I don't know many sports stars. I recognized Shaquille O'Neal - kind of hard to miss him. Jesse Palmer's and my eyes connected for a moment and I thought I was the The Bachelor for a hot minute. Other than that, not much star gazing. My friend Amy and I decided to take a shot at the virtual golf set our dresses and heels. Amy ended up swinging her way to 2nd Closest to Pin and I choked completely. The golf pro said I had a great swing and just needed to get better lined up. Well, I guess I will work on that this spring. But, then some idiot says, "That's why women should be in the kitchen cooking and not swinging clubs." Really? Really? You are at a party where the ratio of men to woman is like 10 to 1. Good luck, fool!

That's about all this girl could handle for a week. With training for the mini marathon, walking all over downtown in high heels and dancing my rear off till the wee hours, I was toast by Saturday. Erin, our friend Amy, and I slept most of the day and mustered up enough energy to go see Big Miracle with Drew Barrymore and three sad whales in Alaska. 
Watched the game with a few close friends, chili, tater tots and wonderful conversation.

All in all, SUPER week! Proud to be a Hoosier and honored to live in the Circle City. Well done, Indianapolis! What about you? Tell me about your Super Bowl experience.


  1. Meghan, how wonderful to see an aspect of you of which I was previously unaware!!! I truly enjoyed this article and will be back for more! Always knew you to be a pretty special young lady; but now I know you just ROCK!!! Alex

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Alex. I really appreciate it.

  2. LOVE the blurry photo! LOL
    My favorite part of the festivities was that Jimmy Fallon was all over the place including my Facebook and seemed to really get out and among the people. I was lucky enough to see a monologue rehearsal, and I think he is so funny and clever because he is so real. How cool that we hosted his first-ever week of out of studio shows?!

    1. That is pretty amazing that you got to see Jimmy Fallon. He definitely helped bring the hype to our city!