Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Focus! Focus! Focus!

   This transitional employment has me all a flutter-twitter.  I was talking to my dear friend Tashina today about life. She wants so badly to be someplace warm with her kids.  Winter is wearing on her a bit with a case of cabin fever.  She started to talk in visuals, describing beach activities, mommy dates in th park, long walks, etc.  She perked up and said just talking about it made her feel better.
    I keep meaning to make an inspiration board and after talking to Tashina, I think it has become a must do activity.  Tashina said to me, "Meghan, I don't want you to rush into any ol' job.  You'll only be in this exact place in your life once."  She's exactly right.  I have the rare opportunity to really think about what I want to be when I grow up.  That's not to say I don't have to pay the bills and feed Moose because I most certainly do.  I am interviewing today and tomorrow at some great restaurants in hopes of having enough income to explore blogging and social media as a career, but I need a FOCUS!  I am so grateful to have you followers/readers/fans who are mostly friends and family.  You like to know about ME, but if I am to grow this blog, I need a focus.  I am not on a expert on anything (not even on ME.)  I like to write, I enjoy engaging with humans, and I love Moose.  That's all I know at this very moment.  Perhaps, and inspiration board and your feedback will help me find my focus.
    Hey You GUYS!!!!  Where do you see this blog going? Does Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks have hopes for a focus?

MOOSE UPDATE: At a half day of daycare and Lilli is mad at me.


  1. Meghan- I watched this amazing webinar on basically how-tos of blog writing, it was so helpful. I am not exactly sure how to get a hold of it now.. but it is a Poynter News University webinar by Matt Thompson. I think when picking your focus it has to be something you are extremely passionate about and something that people will want to read about as well... what about making your focus "being a hoosier"? or you could keep it as your dogs, cause they are an underlying focus right now in your blog!

  2. Natalie, I appreciate your feedback and wish I could sneak into your Social Media class with you!!!!

  3. Meghan, I have enjoyed your blog for nearly two months now. I think what I like so much is that it is short and sweet and to the point. With my attention span being as short as it is, I enjoy the cliff notes of your lifes events. I really enjoyed your blog Soyummygooeygood Cheeseburger. Since reading that blog, I have since eatin at "The Workingman's Friend" twice. And I fully agree with you on how yummy their burger is.

    I think that you should focus your blog on food and restaurants. You are involved in working in restaurants, and you do a heck of a job describing them. Diner's, Drive-ins, and Blogs! Happy Writing! B

  4. Love it:) and love watching you follow your dreams!