Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter's Assault

   I took a leap of faith this week and left my day job at Angie's List to work full time in a restaurant and figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I guess I have kind of boycotted the computer that last few days while I took a deep breath.  One of my girlfriends called on Tuesday to see if I had snow/ice day from it whatever you want but I do not need to be in any office today. The whole "Winter Assault" that kept most of Indianapolis home the last few days made my transition a little easier. I wasn't the only one not commuting to a "day job."
    Speaking of "Winter's Assault" (I got the name from this guy to the right), Lilli has been a champ with the storm.  Moose, not so much.  He was too scared to go outside while sleet came down.    The two of them were definitely perplexed by the icy hard earth, watching each step.  Moose has been pretty sick the last two days, so I walked to The Fresh Market yesterday to get him canned pumpkin.  That was the most treacherous 2-block walk of my life...all for the love of a dog.  My dear friend Jessica works there and she drove me home.  I am happy to report that Moose is feeling better, but we are still left with the remnants of "Winter's Assault."

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