Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week in Review

  • Monday: I have no recollection of what I did Monday.  Oh, yes! It was Valentine's Day...wrote about that already.
  • Tuesday:  I went to a Social Media Club event.  I put on my big girl panties and walked right into that place all by myself.  I was completely freaked out but persevered.  I knew I was in the right place when I saw that everyone had their Twitter handles on their name tags.  The first person I talked to asked me if I had one.  I sheepishly explained that I did (meghanbIU) but had never used it.  Guess that's a big deal for Social Media (I mean I know it is; I just don't know much about it...yet) and I am reading and trying to learn more about that medium.  It was a very successful event for me in addition to the Twitter push.  I met a man who owns his own professional blogging business who needs writers and I have a scheduled follow up meeting with him for Friday.  Another job lead came my way from two pioneering ladies of Indy Social Media.  Good Stuff! Oh...AND...I met a local blogger who actually knows Bossy...ya know the lady that inspired my to start my blog!
  • Wednesday: What did I do for hump day? I worked. I know I did something else....OH! I spent the afternoon with my friend Tashina and her twin 3-month-old girls.  That was nice.
  • Thursday: SPA DAY!!!! Then shopped with Mom for a little bit.  Had coffee with a friend and then went to the regular Thursday night dinner spot with the same regulars.  I love Thursdays.
  • Friday: Worked.  My career coach invited me to another networking event for this week and told me to bring plenty of business cards.  Guess that means I need to actually get some business cards that say..."Hi. I am Meghan from Meghan Barich."  I shall put my Twitter and LinkedIn information on there.  Come to find out this blog is really professional, so I may need an additional blog that focuses on something.  ANY SUGGESTIONS ON A FOCUS???  Probably should come up with my own website that says I am for hire to do stuff, like write, tweet, post and other stuff.
  • Saturday: Work and P-p-p-p-poker.  I won $20 for second place.  It was only the third time I have played in my whole life and the first time I took home some money.  It was good fun.
  • Sunday: Work and dinner at Ma and Pa's.

MOOSE UPDATE: We went on a couple of walks this week with the nice weather.  I am so glad that all the ice is gone but I hate the mud...everywhere...mud!  Our backyard is lacking some grass which means mud on the kitchen floor, mud on the couch from Moose attempting to escape another crate entry, mud in my bed from late night business. 

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