Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Chance Encounter

   I walked into the Indianapolis Apple Store this week in search of some motivation.  I have started my own blogging/social media business and desperately want a new laptop and camera to accompany this new venture.  Being financially "in transition," adequate funds didn't follow me in the store.  Getting a price point was necessary for my goal setting and inspiration board.  
   I got much more.  I met Fred.  He gave me a tour of the sleek and shiny objects that I want so badly and provided that data and motivation I sought.  I explained to him that I am a blogger and was building an inspiration board in an effort to seek a focus for a new, more professional blog than my Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks.  That opened up our conversation onto another level.  I learned that Fred is a photographer (with actual film), student, and a volunteer in the homeless community.  Within this 20-minute encounter, Fred suggested a blog focus that I had started to flush out two months ago, affirming my idea.  I quickly connected with a this young man from just a chance encounter.  
   I sauntered out of that store with more motivation than I could have expected - a deep yearning to buy a  MacBook Air (from Fred, of course), and a new connection that rocked my day.  Perhaps you gathered the blog's focus by the title.  Instead of telling you, I will show you...very soon.

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