Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All Write Already!

     Today I did a little research on graduate programs - MBA, M.A. in Journalism, and MFA in Creative Writing.  The rest of the day a little voice ran through my head, "MFA. MFA. MFA."  When I talked to Erin this evening, I told her about my new inspiration, and she said "And then do what?"  
     "Well, write," I said.  

     Could I become gainfully employed with such a degree?  Could I write a book that might get published?  Could I freelance? Would I be happy? Would I fail? Will they even accept me? Oh, crap, the last 20-page story I wrote was 11 years ago...I don't have digital copy...maybe Mom will type it up for me with her super fast typing skills...maybe...then I'd have to tell her why I want it (just did; didn't I?) Oh, geez, I need some direction.

     This is how my heads spins and then I freeze...do nothing and keep on doing the same ol', same ol'.  Some wise people told me that if I want something I have never had, then I have to do something I have never done.  Truth is, I don't even know if a MFA in Creative Writing is right for me but I am ready some changes up in here!


  1. I say go for it too! I think you are a fabulous writer!!!

  2. Let me know if you want to talk. My M.A. is in Journalism. Definitely do an assistantship. And one of my best friends went through THE Iowa writers program for non-fiction creative writing. She teaches creative writing in NH. Sounds glamarous, but it's a tough life. But she LOVES it. Can explain in more detail.

  3. Moose is super duper and at camp today :-) Thanks for all the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. Darc, I would love to sit down and pick your brain.

  4. Meghan, If you'd ask me, I would say you find a subject you like to blog about, a niche. Then use your time to blog like a madwomen about it. Write as much as you can - focus on getting readership that you own, then you can start to capitalize on that traffic. There would be no reason you couldn't bring in a few $1,000 a month from it.

    Also, I would recommend having some photos taken of yourself and start pushing your "look" more on your niche blog - it always helps to have a pretty girl who blogs to generate more traffic. Just sayin!

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Brandon. Lord knows I can use all the help I can get. Finding a focus is probably the most difficult and challenging thing in my life - and in all areas of my life. I got none...but feel a little justified with the "Random Thought..." title. I shall meditate on "niche" and see what is revealed. Thanks for the compliment, too...blushing.