Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is this???

    One day this shiny vessel just appeared in the entryway at work.  My first inclination was that it was a massive coffee urn.  Then I pictured my Janis Joplin mug underneath it getting blasted to smithereens by the tight valves.
      All sorts of weird things pop up at Angie's List.  Remember the diner that  currently just sits and takes up parking spaces while it waits for permits?  The day East Market Street opened backed up after a long construction period, our CEO called for a parade with his classic cars, beer, and a 10:00 AM on a Thursday.  My manager is just as perplexed by this stainless steel surprises and guesses that maybe it is used to home brew beer.  I'd buy that, but for real...what is this thing???

***MOOSE UPDATE*** He and Lilli enjoyed braided, vanilla chewies from Three Dog Bakery last night and now his stomach is all jacked up again.  90-beefy-lbs of sensitive is what Moose is.  Erin found a blanket/wrap for anxious dogs and suggested Moose wear one.  I told her that Lilli is fat.

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  1. Lilli is not fat, she is big boned and has a lot of hair right now. Give her a break! Lilli told me today she is depressed bout all the fat jokes!!!! Lilli I love you!!!