Friday, January 7, 2011

Declutter Update

My dear friend, Nicole, came over last night and put a fire under my rear to organize my room.  It took less than an hour and I wasn't nearly as freaked out as I was the time my mother helped to organize my closet.  To others, my piles may seemed unorganized but I know where everything is...most of the time...some of the time.  This was a huge feat and I am grateful for the nudge.
     Nicole is an Interior Designer and has knack for hanging artwork, so she helped with that as well.  We tried to hang my favorite large, floral piece above my bed.  The wall is hard plaster and was taking kindly to the nails.  I was left with a big, blah of a white wall.  
  Then I remembered that I had this lovely original piece that my 5-year-old friend, Alex, created for my birthday.  This piece was drawn with Crayola Crayons on recycled paper.  It is large, colorful, and cheerful and is an excellent temporary stand-in until I either get a new piece (thinking of making something myself) or find a way through the hard plaster.  Let's take a closer look at Alex's work, shall we? 
Several "M's" appear in honor of...ME.  Hearts, flowers, suns, and smiles dance across the paper.
This next section I believe features a nose rainbow and a monogrammed, yellow skirt.  It's really a special piece.  Wouldn't you agree?  I mean, the SUN is too cool for school.
Alex's gift melted my heart and is a true treasure!  Nicole taking time to help me get my room (and life) together tops my list of gratitude for the day.  Good stuff!


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