Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Art of Balancing Kitchen Glass

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This is another title I have been carrying around for years - 11 years to be exact.  I mastered the art of balancing kitchen glass while living in San Diego with my dear friend, Jenn.  Jenn and I grew up together - junior high, high school, and were roommates senior year at Indiana University.  We planned to conquer San Diego together, too.  Our landlords said they were hesitant about renting to us because in their years of experience things didn't usually work out well for Midwestern transplants straight out of college claiming to have an unshakable friendship (come to think of it, my landlord in Seattle said something similar about my boyfriend at the time and I moving in together.  Is there landlord school to say this crap - that all became foreshadowing?!). 
     Jenn and I convinced them that we were rock solid.  Well, after a few months of cramming all the gin and vodka we could in our freezer and in our sun-baked bodies, things got a little rough around our little beach apartment.  There would be a stalemate visible in our kitchen sink (similar to the photo below which is actually just a result of me cleaning out my car last week.)  The coffee pot would wobble on the top, but I refused to bring it to safety because I had done it the last time!  One of us would finally cave in a put all the cocktail glasses and the two plates and bowls we owned back into the cabinet.  It was all so very fragile in that little apartment.  
Finally cleaned out my car...was out of coffee cups.
     "How could two girls be so angry living that close to the beach in the sunniest, most beautiful part of this country with the world as their oyster," you ask? Well, I can only speak for myself - I was naive about being out on my for the first time (2,500 miles from home) and fearful of failure yet felt invincible half the time.  I was drunk as a skunk a majority of the nights and weekends and felt I had better intuition than everyone around me and was sure to tell you that, too.  It took a couple of years for Jenn and I to bounce back from that shattered scene.  
    By God's good grace, Jenn and I just spent the day on this past Christmas Eve doing last minute shopping when she visited from Maine.  The fact that our friendship eventually endured the madness has made it a special gift that I won't ever put in such risky formations as those that used to appear in our kitchen sink.

***MOOSE UPDATE*** Snoring and running in his sleep.  I sure wish I knew what he was dreaming about when his paws go all wild.

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