Monday, January 24, 2011


    I adore A White Christmas mostly because of the scene with Betty and Judy singing Sisters.  "Sisters.  Sisters.  There were never such devoted sisters." You'll have to pardon me for being a bit sappy, but I am feeling sappy, so sappy it is.
Aunt Nancy and Mom (Karen)
   My sister and I fought horribly growing up.  We had rules like "No kicking in the back.  The back is off limits."  My mother promised that someday we'd be best friends.  She said that she and my Aunt Nancy did and said nasty things to each other when they were younger but one day they just became friends.  Now they call each other pretty much everyday, multiple times a day.  I know whatever I tell my mother usually falls on Aunt Nancy's ears.  Recently, I was getting ready to drop a bomb on my mom and ran it by Aunt Nancy first because I knew she'd be able to guide me for minimal impact.  They know each other inside and out; they don't agree on everything and are actually very different in many ways.  They just compliment each other so well.  I have always admired their relationship.

Me and Boo
     Today, I treasure my sister and never want her to hurt...and promise never to kick her in her back or scratch the crap out of her arms or say anything with venom.  Today, I promise to love my sister, my strong, ridiculously brilliant sister, Beth, Bether, Boo, who will never not be my big sister.  I think I have pretty much taken for granted that she'll be there - no matter what.  Lord knows I have tested her...and she is still always there.  We've become a little more balanced in our relationship - sometimes I get to give guidance and advice, but the best days are when we just ride out life along side one another.  Thank you, sister, for being my rock!!!

***MOOSE UPDATE*** GOOD BOY.  I was gone all weekend so Erin had to suffer through his stanky gas as he got over his stomach issues.  Erin says I made it worse by giving him scrambled eggs.  Moose is well now.  Just a note, when someone says please don't feed my dog table scraps, PLEASE DON'T FEED THEM TABLE SCRAPS!


  1. I, too shared a special piece of commentary with my big sis over the weekend. She offered little bro some needed tuff luv.