Thursday, November 11, 2010

By George, it's NaBloPoMo!

While I was reading I Am Bossy (the blog that inspired me to blog, which I stumbled upon while researching what bossy really means when I was told that I was in fact bossy) at lunch today, I checked out one of her featured bloggers from her blogroll (all this lingo is so new to me and weird and kind of uncomfortable.)  On this lady's blog, I discovered that November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)!  

What a coinkydink! I started my blog in November.  However, I do not qualify to participate because of Saturday's missed post.  There are always consequences for our choices...good or bad.  I didn't even know I had consequences coming for a blog I didn't even know I was going to start writing.

The good news is that these NaBloPoMo folks are full of good information and links to other blogs.  I plan on stalking these people and learning some pointers like, post earlier in the day because "most blog reading gets done at lunchtime."  Also, the NaBloPoMo seems pretty laid back and will let me recommit to December.  Thanks, NaBloPoMo....say that three times!

***Moose Status***
Played sick this AM and then pepped up for a visit from his friend, Jason.  This is according to a roommate report.  Thanks, Erin and Jason!

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