Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Humans Galore

If I had to guess, which I do, I checked out at least 150 guests on Saturday at Tarjay and another 100 on Sunday.  That is an awful lot of human interaction in one weekend.  That's not including all the people I mingled with at a holiday party Saturday night and the chit chat with my co-workers.  The diversity of the shoppers at our store impresses me - older folks, college students, all ethnicities and races,varied income levels, jumbled family status.  I almost feel like I took a trip around the world...almost..mostly due to the accents of two Spaniards who  graced my lane.  I recognized their accents and got to practice a little español

"Yo estudie en Madrid...now please don't speak to me in Spanish because I will panic.  Llevo diez años sin hablar español." That is my rehearsed line to let people know that I once studied abroad but I have not practiced the language and can't really have this conversation anymore...thanks...love your country.

All in all, the holiday Tarjay gig hasn't been too bad despite the literal pains in the neck...back, feet, shoulders, hands. Experiencing 250ish humans in one weekend makes up for all of that.

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  1. My most used Spanish phrase? Donde es banos, where are the bathrooms.