Monday, November 15, 2010

Waddle You Have

My quirky employer, Angie's List, had a diner delivered over the weekend.  Seeing this beautiful edifice makes me just want to smack gum in my mouth and tap a pencil on a pad of paper and say, "So what's it gonna be this morning, sugar?"  That reminds me of a wooden goose that my grandmother, Marcella, hung in her kitchen.  It said "Waddle you have?"  Ya know? Cause geese waddle? Get it? 

No one quite knows what's going to be on the menu yet or when it will actually be functioning. Seeing as my employer has a pretty robust wellness program, I imagine my visions of cheesy grits and biscuits might be a bit off base.  I am guessing there's going to be wraps with sprouts and and other ruffage.  I wonder if they'll let me play out my impersonation of Flo from "Alice."

      Very good boy!

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