Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angels we have heard on high

Erin and I decorated the Christmas tree the other night and are quite proud of our bedazzled evergreen.  It wasn't all joy and bliss to start.  Erin's insistence on adding tinsel to the tree irked me a bit.  That stuff gets all over the place and we'll be finding it for weeks after the tree comes down.  I conceded because in all honesty the tree trimmings aren't a hot issue for me and she seemed pretty attached to the tinsel idea.  Erin kept telling stories about how her mother, Joan, directed every single ornament hanging on her last Christmas before she passed away.  I was cracking up at her impersonations of her mom and truly felt blessed to hear the stories while we decorated on our tree with her old ornaments and new ones.  

We delighted in our completed task by taking an excessive amount of photographs (just wait till you see the ones of Moose and Lilli posing.) One of the first shots I got with my cell phone had Joan in it...I swear...if you think you know something about lighting/exposure and want to ruin this miracle for me...GO AWAY!  I believe the swoopy, white thing on the left of this picture is Joan's angel wing...and I am sticking to it!  She oversaw our tree trimming and nothing anyone says can change that!


Went to a new vet closer to the house yesterday (we still love Dr. Bundy the most.)  They loved him and kept saying how handsome he was. He weighed 84.3 lbs.  GOOD BOY!

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