Sunday, December 12, 2010

Check It Out

It is amazing how quickly I can waste my lunch hour bouncing around YouTube.  With the chatter around the office about favorite songs, old tunes just keep popping up and then leading to another song that I have to listen to...right then and there.  This week I even created a playlist for a camping trip next July.

One sweet gem of a song I had to listen to this week was John Mellencamp's Check It Out.  Sometimes you just need a little Mellencamp.  He gave my commencement speech at Indiana University Bloomington in May 2000.  I was screaming "JOHNNY" from the front row with my fellow Journalism School grads as he walked on stage to accept his Honorary Doctorate from the School of Music.  He started his speech by saying that he hates to be called "Johnny" and ended his speech telling us that we shouldn't rush into jobs and careers, that we should take our time to explore the world and find out what it is we really wanted to be.  My fellow liberal arts students thought this was brilliant while the Kelley School of Business grads looked at him like he was off his rocker.  Oh ,Johnny...I mean John, you rock!

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