Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bad Blogger, Bad!

I know I have been inconsistently posting the last couple of weeks. My commitment to this blog remains.  I have three hundred and seventy-four excuses.  I have been ill (truish.) I am working two jobs and am exhausted (very true.) The holidays are stressful (not really true.) Moose ate my posts (he ate lots of other stuff, but this is not true.) I broke a fingernail (true...grrr.) I am mentally and emotionally zapped from work (true.) 

I wrote something tonight but then I stopped before posting.  Am I supposed to ask permission to talk about people in my life on here? My mom already told me "to leave her out of the blog," but I have not heeded her warning.  I guess it is the polite thing to do and since I have no intentions of slander to anyone, I guess it wouldn't hurt.  Stay tuned.  

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