Friday, December 31, 2010

A Very Interesting Man

Yard trimmers oughta do the trick!
     My Uncle Glen is arguably the most interesting man I know.  He is a Professor of Finance, an Engineer, a golfer, a wine and cigar connoisseur. Now all that might make one think that Uncle Glen is snooty or boring, but he is far from it.  The first thing he said to me when I walked in at Christmas was, "How's your car? Do you need your uncle to look at anything? Change the oil?"  He is handy, that Uncle Glen (see the photo exhibit of the not-so-deep fried turkey Thanksgiving 2008.)  At my dad's 60th Birthday, I think he had three flashlights on his person.  Why?  He told me he had a new flashlight fetish. 
       On Christmas Day, I brought a scratch off lottery ticket for each person attending dinner and provided the pennies for revealing our winnings.  I made everyone agree that would we split any winnings.  We scratched our way to $13. I spent $8 to get them, so we won a whopping $5 (this was reinvested into MegaMillions and Hoosier Lotto tickets that I have yet to check if we won last night.)  The pennies were intended to be part of my gift, but apparently no one wanted them. I discovered the pile of pennies as we put on our coats and started the parade of good-bye hugs and kisses.  "Excuse me but does no one want these copper gifts?"  Uncle Glen said, "Here give them to me, I will wash them."  And that's exactly what he did.  He had some sort of handy dandy cleaner and brush right there at the sink and started to soak and scrub.  Then he dropped one down the sink and said, "Does anyone have a flashlight?"

***MOOSE UPDATE*** Good Boy! This is his most favoritest time of the year because he likes to harvest ice in the yard...for real. (I wrote this before the warm rains came and washed it all away.)

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