Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Working Woes

Boy, oh boy, am I tired!  My part-time gig at Tarjzey is putting a beating on me.  I was griping and moaning how tired I was last night while I worked till midnight.  Then a co-worker told me she is working 40 hours this week as part-time job on top of her day job as a bus monitor for Indianapolis Public Schools...shut me up!   So, I tried to come up with a list of positive things and lessons as a result of the aching feet, sore back, sagging eyes...

  1. It is temporary...hopefully.
  2. I opened 3 credit cards for guests yesterday and therefore, received wonderful swag...a mini FM radio, a messenger bag, and a chocolate covered peanut butter Rice Krispy treat...big things, folks. Big!
  3. I get to bring smiles to people dropping their last dimes on Christmas gifts. I can tell the difference between the people that are enjoying their shopping because they have the money to spend.  Then there are the people counting out pennies with horror on their face. I wonder why they put that pressure on themselves to provide one day of gifts for possible months of struggle to pay the rest of the bills.  This, my friends, is precisely why the Universe has put me in that check out lane - I have lots of growing up to do in the world of money...I get to watch and learn.
  4. Extended holiday store hours took effect this week...but no one really knows that.  The store was empty with a half hour to go.  I got to unman my lane and re-shelf all the unwanted or returned goodies to their rightful homes. Now, I have intimate knowledge of where the wrapping paper, sausage/cheese gift sets, stockings, and REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUP gifts (Yes, these treats of the gods come in a tube the shape of a candy cane.  Nothing will bring me more joy than sharing this delight this holiday season) are.  This is useful for when I need to make a quick purchase during my 15-minute break.
  5. Making a mental shopping list as guest check out tops my list of positives. "Oh...that would be perfect for Dad." "Well, now that's adorable." "That's a good deal!" I am sure my guests don't enjoy my comments on their purchases as much as I do.  I do keep my mouth shut when the prophylactics ride down the conveyor belt and quickly drop them in a bag. 
  6. Moose got to go to a half day of day care today because I have a little extra cash from scanning and bagging...that's the ticket!

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