Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favorite...for today

Today, my boss sent out his annual request for each of our favorite song.  He compiles everyone's input and gives us a holiday CD.  Some people select a Christmas tune, but the majority truly pick a song that reflects their personality and music taste.  Then the bossman adds some random tunes that circulate the office.  For example, last year Little River Band's "Cool Change" came on the radio and several of us chimed in to sing along as if we'd been singing it our whole lives.  Not a song you hear every day or even every year, but we all picked it right up.  That song made the holiday CD...obviously.

I righteously submitted Grateful Dead's "Dire Wolf" last year with much disapproval.  I just don't understand how anyone can't love the Grateful Dead.  Their disapproval doesn't deter me from rocking it out from my iPod dock anytime that I want, but I am going to select something different this year from my current favorite band, Gomez. They've been a favorite (really, can you have just one favorite band or song?) for about 5 years now and are in the studio making a new album now.  Their Chicago show this year rocked my world and I can't wait to hear what's next.  Enjoy my favorite...

Check out a newer video like "Airstream Driver" to see how they have evolved from their dweebiness. 

Sweet boy with stinky gas...greenies???

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  1. No more greenies!

    I've been blaring "Do you love me" by Guster or "Animal" by Neon Trees. All time favorite, though? "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield. If I'm in a bad mood, and that song comes on the radio ... it's on like Donkey Kong! Can always make me smile!