Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Dad That Will Live in Infamy

No. I didn't misquote FDR's request to go to war against the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor 69 years ago.  Da' bomb Daddy was born was 60 years ago!  We celebrated tonight over deliciously buttered filet mignon at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse...also da' bomb.

Some things that make my dad, Brian, infamously bomb diggity:
1.  His iPod holds more tunes than mine and I like 90% of what he has loaded on there.
2.  He has very dark hair with very few grays that many people think he "stains."  My father does like to look nice and grooms well.  However, he is not vain enough to color his hair.
3.  Daddio has a great, Croatian complexion...tans well.  This point and the one above are hopeful indicators of my aging genes.
4.  He coached my softball teams growing up and dedicated many hours that he would have rather been playing golf.
5.  My dad kicks ass on the golf course.  This past summer he improved his index by two points.  I just wrote that like I actually know what I am talking about, but I don't.  Other people have said that he is really a good golfer...and he likes it, so that's nice.
6.  Pops has worked for the same company for 30-some years. Loyal dedication!
7.  He is the third oldest of seven kids...he didn't really have anything to do with this but I enjoy having a large extended family, so this qualifies for bomb diggitiness.
8.  He loves my mom.
9.  He loves my sister and me and has offered us unwavering support no matter our hits or misses in life's experiments.
10.  Dad's first concert was The Beatles.

Happy Birthday, Dad!  You are da' bomb diggity!

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  1. MOOSE UPDATE...BAD BOY!!! He is sleeping with Erin tonight and my feelings are hurt. BAD!