Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I know. I know. I know!!!  I made a commitment to 21 days of habit-forming blogging and I missed Saturday.  I planned on just breezing by that and moving on until my dear friend Mandy said tonight, "Did you write your blog Saturday?"  She full well knew I didn't and just went the passive route of calling me out.  And I think she just wanted me to know she was actually reading.  Thanks, Mandy, for keeping me accountable or whatever. Pshaw!

So, what happened Saturday was a family trip north to "The Region" for my cousin Laura's 30th surprise party.  Mom, Dad, Beth, and I traveled in Mom's Camry up the 100-some miles of I-65 to Route 30.  I think I have been on that stretch of highway more than anywhere else in the world.  I still always climb in the backseat behind my dad, the driver, on these trips.  It's my seat, I guess.  Growing up, I yielded to my older sister's longer legs that got scrunched by Dad's 6'2" outstretched body. I learned quickly to watch where I put my feet after choking Dad a few times with a few missteps on his seatbelt.  Now, it's just where I sit and I think Mom and Dad's cars are roomier these days - so not much threatened space and tension.

Happy Birthday, Laura!
Wow Wind

This trip included jamming to 60's and 80's on Mom's satellite radio and hanging our heads out the windows to take pictures of the windmills that fill the countryside alongside I-65.  It is a pretty amazing sight! Man, I could write all night about past and recent road trips with the four of us.  There was a pretty nasty incident that included Red Faygo pop!

Well, back to why I didn't blog.  We got back to the hotel late Saturday and I tried to post from my BlackBerry with no luck and I didn't feel like going down to the lobby in my jammies to do it.  Then in the morning, the lobby was filled with Wisconsin Badgers and Packers fans and it was just too much for me to handle on a Sunday morning...so it's a lame excuse but it's all I got.  Shame on me!

***Moose Status***
    GOOD BOY!!!!!


  1. Busted!!! I couldn't call you out. You've done great so far and have three times the followers of a blog that I have on mine!!! I think the windmills on 65 are gorgeous, but a road hazard - I can't stop looking at them!

    We have a Faygo Red Pop incident in my family too. Did you draw an imaginary line in the seat cushion and threaten Beth to NOT cross it and get on your side of the car? If not, you should have. And Karen has satellite radio? I'm impressed. My dad still plays tapes in his car. MIXED tapes, that he made. And was pissed when he got a new car and it didn't have a tape player, and he had to get one put in. The salesman was like, we don't really DO that. Tim said, then I'm not buying the car. Sigh.

  2. Emily, that cracks me up about your dad...for real. I wonder if he'd like some of my old Dead bootlegs?