Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Hot Mess

I came home at lunch today to stir my enchilada crock pot concoction and to walk the dogs.  I failed to mention yesterday that Moose was GOOD BOY due to my video embedding debacle.  I knew we'd be pushing our luck today with him since he hadn't had any really good exercise in the last couple of days, so a lunch walk was a must.

It was a sunny but chilly day so I wore my mitten/gloves - the ones that have a convertible top on them to expose or cover the tips of the fingers.  Very versatile knitwear.  At any rate Moose had to take care of some business, so I being the good neighbor that I am, pulled out my plastic grocery bag (recycle, reduce, reuse!) to pick up after my pooch.  At this point my glove/mittens were in mitten mode.  Well, that's the last time that happens because I lost some dexterity and scooped poop with the mitten/gloves. Then in an attempt to close the bag and keep the two dogs wrangled in, it ended up on the other glove/mitten, the leash, and my coat.  This, my friends, is what you literally call a hot mess!

Pretty good. Got a water bottle out of the recycling bin and messed with the bathroom trash.  Roomie is off work in the morning....keeping my fingers crossed the dogs get to go to the park.

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