Sunday, November 21, 2010

Come to Mama

I am such a fair-weather Indianapolis Colts fan.  Come playoffs, I am all in and pumped and actually watch the games.  Tonight, I had no clue what time they were playing and had no thought of wearing my #63 Jeff Saturday jersey (I picked that one because he seems like a really nice guy and it wasn't the ubiquitous #18.)  I showed up at Mom and Dad's for the last half and really tried to focus for a bit...but...then...there he was.

Tom-come to mama-Brady.  Dear Heavens, he is one beautiful specimen of God's work.  I lost all focus on the Colts. The random thoughts flooded in "Is Gisele at the game...would the TV network have to pay her to film dummie she is in public...didn't you graduate from Journalism school?! Do they love each other or is it just their supreme beauty that binds?"  Then Peyton barrels a pass down field into the hands of a Patriot to lose the game.  

"Maybe if I wasn't thinking about Tom so much this wouldn't have happened."  Maybe the game has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. I really dislike the Patriots, but I love me some Tom Brady.  Does that make me a traitor?  Peyton is a nice, smart, skilled, talented, good fella of a quarterback but he has nothing on Tom's dreaminess...I can't help but be honest about that! 

Happily entering crate when we leave the house.  Got a good long, hard walk today.  Good boy!

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