Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Loyal Listener (draft with bad video posting...reposted 11/17)

I consider myself pretty loyal, especially to radio stations.  When I lived in Seattle, I listened to 103.7 The Mountain religiously on my way to work, on lunch, on my way home, on late nights. I called the radio station all the time, too.  Once I called on my way into work when I saw a bald eagle dead on the side of the road.  I didn't know who else to call (I was very lonely in Seattle.) Somehow, I managed to get through to the studio most times.  

Being loyal had its benefits.  The Mountain invited me to a private studio concert of the Indigo Girls, which was amazing.  I even got to ask a question to the ladies.  I was totally star-struck.  Each of their albums represents a different break up of mine in high school.  I also called into 103.7 during lunch one day and answered some silly questions and got to select the next song play.  I chose Train's "Meet Virginia."  Man, I love that song!

When I moved back to Indy in 2004, I felt a void losing my morning show friends and fresh tips on new music.  Luckily, 92.3 WTTS quickly stepped in to ease my whoas.  I wasn't as in love with the personalities but the music was spot on with a little extra dose of Mellencamp (103.7 played a lot of our Hoosier boy, too.)  Every once in a blue moon I need a little Top40 boost, but for the most part my dial stays fixed on 92.3.  Sometimes I find the selection random and a little 70's-esque but then there are weeks like this that I get two new gems to add to the music vault.  I downloaded Fitz & The Tantrums to iTunes and tried to get Amos Lee's "Windows Are Rolled Down."  The latter isn't on iTunes that I can find (enjoy below.)  My loyalty to WTTS has reaped some free goodies, too.  On Valentine's Day this year, One eskimO rocked a private concert at Creation Cafe.  It was one of the coolest shows I have seen   because of the setting, music, and it was free!  

All this loyalty doesn't change the fact that I want XM Satellite radio so bad that it hurts!


This is the first time I have embedded anything and the video appears to be dangling off to the right...que pasa con eso??? 

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