Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's an action

Some very wise people have told me that "Gratitude is an action."  "Huh?" was my first reaction.  It was further explained that if I claim to be grateful for something I need to show it with my actions.  Less lip service and more foot movement.  For example, "I am extremely grateful for my family."  Okay.  So what I am going to do about it?  I try to show up for them and be present when I am with them.  I don't do this all.  "I am grateful for my car."  Yet my car sometimes collects all my coffee cups, documents, pop cans, etc.  I need to show my ride some respect and spruce it up.  "I am grateful for Moose."  Walk the good boy!  Get it? You picking up what I'm putting  down? 

Here's another one.  "I am grateful AT&T gave us all the movie channels for free this weekend in an attempt to gouge us for money."  Now, I must go watch the The Hangover and be grateful that Bradley Cooper exists.

Mom told me to leave her out of the blog.


  1. KAREN you are part of the blog. Great family pic Meegs!!! xoxo