Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Name Is. My Name Is...

     Did you know that Moose is no stranger to blogs?  That's right.  His doggie daycare, The Good Dog Hotel and Spa, featured him in an October blog...his very own feature, "Hi. My Name is Moose."  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to visit there in the last couple of weeks - hence the part-time job.  Now, don't go thinking Moose is all kinds of spoiled (he's totally spoiled) because he frequents The Good Dog.  He usually only gets to go once a week to get him good and tired.  
     I was thinking after last weekend's dog park incident that Moose never gets in trouble at daycare.  The ladies mentioned he once bullied a black female Great Dane around the water bowl...once out of like 20 visits.  My friend Darci reassured me it is because the staff knows how to handle a pack of dogs as opposed to us novice dog people at the park.  Until the daycare funds increase and I get the guts to return to the park, it is walks no matter the weather.  I better get a nice butt out of this!
         GOOD BOY

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