Monday, November 8, 2010

Such a Gooooood Boy!!!

     I came home today to nothing - nothing destroyed, nothing chewed, nothing shredded.  Oh boy did we celebrate when I got home! "What a good boy you are, Moosey!  Such a good dog.  Mama is so proud of your sweet little face. GOOD BOY!!!!!"  He got scratches and kisses and ear rubs galore.  
    This was my roommate Erin's suggestion - that whole positive reinforcement thing that I practiced when Moose was a pup.  Recently, I had resorted to threatening his life by rustling shredded papers at him. This 85-pound baby is scared to death of newspapers, magazines and shredded papers.  I swear on all things holy that I do not and have never beat my dog with these items - it's bizarre - oh, and he is afraid of sprinklers. 
    Erin and I took the dogs to the park yesterday for an hour and I walked him for half an hour tonight.  Going to try exercise and positive celebrations for a bit and see how long we can go destructive-free.  Keep you posted.  Maybe I should create a Moose fan page so he can feel your support...
Clean-conscience sleeping

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  1. LOVE the little smile on his face. He knows he's a good boy. GOOD BOY MOOSEY!!! Love that he's 85 pounds and afraid of newspapers and sprinklers.