Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Facebook Birthday

I was flabbergasted, blown away, overwhelmed, picking up what I'm putting how many birthday wishes I received today.  I have to say that I honestly didn't get much done at work today.  I felt like I needed to higher a birthday assistant.  My phone kept buzzing and lighting up with notifications of Facebook, eCards, texts, and a few treasured actual phone calls.  My phone battery was nearly toasted by 4PM.

I think I had 200 and some virtual greetings on Facebook, which would be 27% of my friends wishing me well.  I am not sure if I have point with sharing the percentage.  Is that a lot or should I expect more from my 740 friends?  200 and something seems like an awful lot me.  Just flabbergasted and feeling uber-blessed today.  To boot, it was 70 degrees and sunny in Indianapolis on November 10th.  Can't say I've seen that on my birthday in this town.  Wow!

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   Totally Awesome

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  1. You deserve every well wish from every single person. You are an awesome person with a full spirit. Rock on at being 33. It's gonna be a great year. xoxo