Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seriously Bad

And by seriously, I mean seriously.  This is a sad day in our household.  The crate is officially out of the basement and up and ready to house a very bad dog...very bad.  Honestly, I don't have all of the details to report but Moose's behavior was bad enough to cause my roommate to leave the house for a breather.  Apparently, while I was at a workshop all day, and while Erin stepped out for an hour or so, Moose decided to shred some literature about budgeting that was collecting dust on my bedroom floor.  This act of frustration signaled Erin to take the dogs to the park for some exercise.  Generous roomie that she is, she made the venture.  

Well, I guess things got pretty ugly at the park.  Moose got in a fight and wouldn't back down.  The other dog people were not very happy with this and let Erin have it.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The park exercise is a solution to the literature shredding...or was.  Now, I think we may be shunned from the park.  Erin has sworn off taking him and now I have so much fear and shame, I don't if I can go back. This just plain sucks and is seriously bad.  I took him for a 45-minute walk tonight and is still ornery as hell.  BAD MOOSEY....sad mama...frustrated roommate.

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