Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yesterday, Moose and Lilli had a play date with Cheetah and Sister at the dog park east of ours.  It was a SUCCESS!  I watched Moose like a hawk with every other dog.  I knew he'd be fine with Cheetah and Sister because they've know each other since with he was a pup.  Those girls put him right in his place. Erin and I left the park saying, "There's just a better vibe at this dog park."  I love the park where we are "members," but there really was a different energy among the human visitors - more laid back, less snooty, and generally kinder.   

I believe whole-heartedly that the dogs pick up on that energy.  Moose knows when I am sad and just need to snuggle on the couch or when I am sick and can't give him an ounce of exertion.  He just knows.  So, surely these beasts pick up when there is bad juju or funkiness and carry that with their behavior.  I am no animal psychologist, and this is pure speculation.  I am just saying the Moose was a GOOD BOY at the park yesterday and the vibe was good. 

***Took a two-day holiday from the blog and then felt guilty after watching "Julie/Juila" last night.  I know, I were all distraught, and I am sorry.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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