Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Now Brown Cow

Erin put up new shower curtains yesterday and the fresh, rubbery plastic smell instantly conjured memories of wearing water wings at my Grandma McMahon's community pool.  Man, if you didn't wet your arm and the wing first, ouch! Besides that occasional mishap, only warm, fond memories come to mind from playing at her pool.  She carted Beth and I along to her morning water aerobics with the other ladies in the community.  We would have to sit on the side of the pool or participate in the exercises.  "Hoooowww noooowww brooooowwwn coooowwww" topped my list of favorite exaggerated mouth exercises.  These ladies were more interested in preventing facial sag than trimming a few inches off their waists.  "A-E-I-O-U" over and over again motivated the group, too.

A concrete bridge stretched the width of the pool near the middle.  We could not walk across this architectural feature but we most certainly shimmied our way to the middle from underneath like monkeys just to drop into the water.  One day, Beth and I conquered this task repeatedly until our fingers nearly bled.  We weren't bothered until we went to see "The Natural" that night and could barely eat the buttered popcorn due to our raw fingers.

All this from a new shower curtain...Miss you much, Grandma!

Thanks to ForRent.com for this image...I need to learn these photo rules...eek!

Got to have a 1/2 day at camp....GOOD BOY!!!


  1. I can't believe you remembered all of that! You sound like me. :-) Love the pic of the pool!

  2. A. I thought "floaties" were gender specific - boys only. B. Even with my colorful imagination, I could'nt conjure the image of you wearing them.