Monday, November 22, 2010

Follower vs. Reader

Let's talk about you for a while shall we?  Random Thoughts and Corn Stalks has been holding steady at 20 "Followers" for several days now.  I was really enjoying logging in each day to find a few more had jumped on board.  Who is going to be number 21 in honor of my 21st you recall the 21-days-habit-forming-commitment?  Mom? Dad? Erin? Here is the real question I have tonight - do I value readers or followers more?

My sister is a follower and came clean at family dinner last night that she does not read the blog everyday. My mother hasn't figured out how to sign up and all that, but she does in fact read my blog each and every day.  Dad did a cram reading session at the nudge of  Mom this weekend.  Believe me, I am grateful to each and everyone of you for peeking, diligently reading, browsing, clicking, critiquing, or just telling me you read it.  

I guess what I am pondering is the goal?  Now that I have the habit, what is my next goal for Random Thoughts and Corn StalksBy the way, that title is something I've had tucked away since dinosaurs roamed the planet (college where I thought I'd write the next great American novel.)  That goal has appropriately reformed to its right size here in blogland where I simply just write.  Thanks to all of you for coming along for the ride.  I will try not to put you all in boxes and just let you be you.
No relevance - just sick of my face on Facebook posts
Graciously entering his crate like a GOOD BOY!


  1. Whatever the goal, I just hope you keep writing. I find your blog thoroughly entertaining and it has become part of my daily reading. I am going to start one, one of these days. Anyway, keep up the good work, I love it! And who says you can't write the next great American novel too?!!

  2. I read it every day for the Moose updates. I have to meet that crazy dude!

  3. Ladies, you rock! Thank you. Darci, you are going to get some sort #21 prize that I have not yet determined...but it's going to be good!!! THANK YOU!!!