Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Matter the Weather

The sunny 70's of November have come to pass.  Today brought the mid-November weather that seems more appropriate - dreary, misty, and cool.  I took the dogs to the dog park anyways.  I was in need of a laid-back night on the couch and in order to accomplish that, I needed tired, laid-back dogs.

Off to the Broad Ripple Bark Park we went. Moose, Lilli, and I arrived to an empty park at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. I felt reminiscent for Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA.  Today's weather would have been glorious there and the park would be filled with pooches.  Washingtonians don't stop for a little dreary drizzle. Fortunately, Moose didn't seem to care that there were no K-9 companions or that the weather was less than optimal.  He bolted from tree to tree to claim the park his own - not a care in the world.  Lilli did what she does - stand by my side and drool.  Get that girl to a body of water and it is game on like any good Golden Retriever.  I love going to the dog park and watching Moose appear to smile from ear to ear.  And I love the end result even more - a happy tired pup to snuggle up and watch a movie alongside me.  He doesn't even care if it's a chic flic.

      The Best Boy Ever!

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